The Vintage Kilo Sale

The brainchild of Europe’s largest vintage wholesaler (Glass Onion) and Britain’s biggest vintage fair (Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair), The Vintage Kilo Sale returns this season, bringing a bounty of one-day retro events to locations from Scotland to the south coast.


Founded in 2009, the formula for the Kilo Sale is a simple one; based on a model popular in Eastern Europe, the event lets shoppers play trader for a day, scouring over five tonnes of vintage clothing from the 1960s and on and pay for their purchases by weight. Priced at £15 per kilo (an average of 4 items for £15), guests can expect everything from skirts to denim, dresses to menswear, with combinations generating change from a twenty. With each piece unique, the rails wait to be raided, seeing shoppers flock in their thousands to test their luck and hunt for affordable, anti-identikit pieces to add to their wardrobes. In addition to fashion, accessory aficionados are also after catered for courtesy of Victoria Vintage, selling jewellery, accessories and vintage glitz all from 50p.

Whether on the runway or small screen, vintage has never been more vogue; from Dawn O’ Porter’s recent show ‘This Old Thing’ to the sea of seventies shapes at Saint Laurent and DVF to the unmistakable 90s revival (slogan tee-d warts and all), nostalgia has never been more now and the Kilo Sale provides an affordable outlet to channel it. Calling at seven cities nationwide, founder and former celebrity stylist Judy Berger calls it ‘vintage without the worry lines,’ offering shoppers ‘guilt-free retro retail therapy that never pulls too hard on the purse strings.’

The Vintage Kilo Sale visits Manchester on Sunday 5th October
Private trade hour 10-11am
Earlybird public entry 11am, £3 admission
General public entry 12-4pm, £1.50 admission

The Victoria Warehouse
Trafford Park Road
M17 1AB



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