The Top 5 VR Experiences at Virtual Hideout

They've got over 100 games, experiences and challenges at Virtual Hideout but to save you having to play them all we've picked our top 5 favourites.

By Ben Brown | Last updated 3 December 2018

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Richie’s Plank Experience
Okay so when I describe this game to you you’re probably going to think it’s rubbish. As you pop your headset onto your bonce you’re transported to a city, stood on the pavement in front of a rather tall building. Entering the lift, you go up to the top floor where you are presented with a plank. The idea is that you walk the plank. Sound easy? Well I was reduced to a blubbering fool – safe in the knowledge that what I was seeing and hearing wasn’t real – I still couldn’t walk it. It’s really, really difficult – but something everyone should try at least once.


Beat Saber
A cross between Guitar Hero and Star Wars, you’re presented with a red lightsabre and a blue lightsabre and the objective it to swipe away at the blocks that come hurtling towards you to the rhythm of a vast catalogue of tunes. The whole experience is exhilarating, as you quickly get into the swing of things and begin to enjoy yourself, swinging away like Darth Maul carving some turkey. It’s certainly not easy though – as soon as the solid blocks start coming towards your head you’re going to find yourself in a spot of bother.


The Lab: Longbow
Castle defence games are ten a penny nowadays, especially on your mobile where every 2nd game in the app store is just some variation on the same theme. Well, this game is very much a castle defence game but you play an archer, on top of the battlements and it’s your objective to fit and kill the never ending marauders who threaten your home. The feel of the bow and arrow is so realistic that after a few minutes playing you’ll think you’re bloody Kevin Costner.


I Expect You To Die!
Everyone has a soft spot for GoldenEye on the N64 but I Expect You To Die might just take the prize as the best way of stepping into the shoes of a super suave secret agent like James Bond, but without the sexism and borderline alcoholism. You’re basically thrown into a series of different puzzles that you need to solve before dying in a variety of imaginative (and painful) ways. It’s pretty hard but the satisfaction of beating a puzzle is brilliant.


Arizona Sunshine
Zombies are everyone’s go-to baddie at the moment – mostly because the undead cannot get offended by any gratuitous violence towards them on films or in games. Well Arizona Sunshine is as close to being in a zombie apocalypse as is actually possible – considering it will never ever happen in real life. You’re plonked in the middle of the desert and you’ve got to fend for yourself against a load of slow, shuffling dead bastards. Once you get used to the control system you’ll have a top time.


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