A Bazaar Event

Hervia Bazaar host a fashion launch in their Manchester Boutique store.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 27 April 2017

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“Everyone has the impulse to be Elite” Alfre Woodard once said. Had Alfre been to Hervias Bazaar she would have probably changed her quote to; “Everyone has the impulse to be elite and shop!”

I got be honest I always have my reservations about attended events within Boutique Designer shops. I have fears (that come close to the nightmare of forgetting to put your clothes on and being in a crowded room!) of walking into a pretentious, arrogant environment- heads turning and “the look” from the fashionistas as if to say, “Remove yourself from here Princess Retail you don’t belong!”. This fear leads me to a safer shopping approach either on net-a-porter.com, my-wardrobe.com etc. However from the moment I stepped into the Designer Store Hervia Bazaar I was immediately put at ease with the friendliest staff and a huge smile, welcoming nods and a comforting vibe from all.

The event last night was an Exclusive Cocktail Evening based in the Boutique; organised by the gorgeous and sassy Asiya Durrani, hosting the Spring/Summer Collection of Lee Klabin, amongst other fabulous items.

I feel like I have stepped into Marilyn Monroes Boudoir (or what I would imagine it to be like at least)! Making a bee-line for a Viktor Rolf zebra print hand bag, I pass by the cocktail station with fellow Princess in toe where we sample the gorgeous drinks provided by Browns Brasserie. Whilst supping my ribena-esque cocktail my eyes have a treat! Firstly I have spotted an Illamasqua make-up artist with the latest Toxic collection (mentioned in last weeks Princess Retail article), and following this the Viktor Rolf dress also featured in Manchesters Finest “what to wear on the royal wedding day article.” Snaps for Princess Retail! But all of this is pushed to one side when seeing the fabulous outfits and designs of Lee Klabin.

Within her brochure she quotes “Find beauty not only in the thing itself but in the pattern of the shadows, the light and dark which that thing provides.” And she carries this throughout her collection beautifully. Even today I still can’t stop looking through her collection! I do not feel there are words that can be said to do her collection justice as each piece is individual, beautifully made, time-less yet on trend. My absolute favourite piece had to be a siren red dress worn by Asiya herself and I can tell you now this will be going straight onto my wish list!

An additional mention needs to be for all who attended the event; I had severe outfit envy of many of the attendees – even the men! Should I have a prince he would be purchasing all their clothes!

Joseph Corre, co-founder of Agent Provocateur and Nadine Merabi, from Merabi by Nadine also attended as well as other fashion moguls of Manchester.

So after a perusal around the Boutique, a play with the Illamasqua range, a few moment snatched with Assiya & Nadine it was time to leave the party; but not before a mental note of around 15-20 items I just need in the store and a sassy goody bag in hand.

The collections and store were both Oh So Fine and I would advise anyone to take a look in there whether it is to purchase the gorgeous items from Lee Klabin or even just to dream.


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