Camilla Blois, the great great grand-daughter of Britain's world-famous couturier has revitalised Lucile

By Manchester's Finest | 24 April 2012

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At last sexy Manor House lingerie to adorn all shapes, is back!Camilla Blois, the great great grand-daughter of Britain’s first world-famous couturier has finally revitalised Britain’s most legendary fashion brand with a manor house collection to set the worlds hearts on fire, again! Lucile (Est. 1890) is back and has hit the ground running with two stunning collections, The Duchess or Warwick and The Queen of Spain, both ranges inspired by the infamous Lady Duff Gordon’s most famous clients.  Each collection revisits and revamps the elegance, grace, and sophistication of the Belle Epoque with sumptuous silks, feminine shapes and the essence of love running through the label once more. The deep red silk with black applique of the Queen of Spain will invoke the passion of the soul while the understated elegance of the romantic gowns of the Duchess of Warwick will seduce beyond reason.

The legendary British Lucile haute couture label reigned from 1890-1930 and founder Lady Duff Gordon not only changed the world of fashion but the way women looked, felt and dressed forever. For Lady Duff Gordon, her night gowns and lingerie reflected female intimacy and allowed a “glimpse into a woman’s soul.” Dressing royalty, nobility and stars of the stage, she freed women of restrictive corsets and underskirts – introducing them to sheer lingerie, sensuality and romance. Her pieces were beautifully hand crafted, dripped in rosebuds, velvet bows, delicate lace and subtle nude tones. The Lucile brand reached the height of fame with “salons” in Paris, New York, Chicago and the flagship in Hanover Square London.

Lucile pieces are all hand made in England in Lancashire and Derbyshire and are crafted to make every woman who wears them feel like the royalty it was inspired by. Lucile is available exclusively in the UK at and has also been picked up by exclusive boutiques in Spain and America in its first season.