Merabi by Nadine

2011 has already been a whirlwind year for Nadine, designing those uber chic, red carpet dresses.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 12 September 2011

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Alexander McQueen was once asked in an interview “What makes your heart skip a beat? He answered “Love.”

If Nadine Merabi from Merbai by Nadine had been asked the same question, after a fantastic and insightful interview, she clearly would have answered “Fashion”

You can see it in the way she is dressed for a simple day stitching. You can hear it in her answers she gives me. You can sense it in her voice; open, honest and genuinely passionate.

It is this and her gorgeous designs, luxury fabrics and on trend looks that have attracted celebrities such as Michelle Collins, Stacey Solomon, Alisha Dixon & Brooke Vincent to her ultimate girly boutique.

2011 has already been a whirlwind year for Nadine, designing those uber chic, red carpet dresses for events such as British Soap Awards, The Bafta’s & The National Television Awards. So it is my privilege to be interviewing Nadine in a local Brasserie to see what’s next for Manchester’s Finest Designer.

Earl Gray for Nadine & the obligatory blush vino for Princess Retail at the ready; let the interview commence…

It’s clear from your reputation , the press and your clientele that this is not just a simple “made to measure” dress shop and is so much more…
Yes I wanted to create the ultimate, perfect girly boutique; providing a comfortable atmosphere in a store you know will offer you THE perfect outfit, fit to your personal measurements, that isn’t all about selling you an item purely to make a profit; but to make you feel fabulous.

What makes Merabi by Nadine different?
When you enter my store I want you to feel like you have your best friend there and a personal stylist. I make sure your outfit will compliment you, fit your perfectly and I even help style the overall look with accessories, shoes, handbags etc.

(At this stage Nadine tells me lots of fabulous tales of loaning out her OWN fabulous shoes and jewellery to help her customers get the look they want; I heart this boutique already!)

Talk me through the process Nadine?
Initially appointments must be booked; this is a unique and luxury service after all for Manchester’s Finest. A consultation must follow with myself where we can talk through the occasion, your requirements and more importantly the time when you have felt absolutely fabulous in an outfit. I want to re-create this feeling and ensure all my clients gain several compliments when “Rocking Their Merabi.

We then get involved in the measurement & fitting process which is private, friendly and all about making you feel comfortable and at ease.

(I must say this is something Princess Retail is very pleased about, my wobbly bits equal to that of Bridget Jones, however I am already scanning through the pages of my diary to book a consultation with Nadine).

From here I will run through fabrics, design; whether it is ultimate fashion chic, futuristic maxis or Grecian gowns. The important thing is they are all unique, beautiful and will make you feel amazing! Following this you can go home and start dreaming about your Merabi.

(Princess Retail already is)

We have a second meeting were a mock-up will be styled on you, draped and fitted to all the right places; and it is usually this point everyone falls in love *swoon*.

At the third and final stage we will fit the Merabi, alter length, style, discuss accessories and it is at this stage my shoes often find a new temporary home.

This seems quite a long process??
My products start at £200 and rise, I want everyone to feel like they are getting what they have paid for; quality, luxury fabrics, perfectly fitting and a great level of customer service from me!

Already I’m in love with these dress but now I want to get to know Nadine the fashionista too! So first things first, Who would you ultimately want to style & why?
As you know I have already started styling many of Manchester’s Finest & celebrity’s; however I would love the chance to style Blake Lively from Gossip Girl. She is fabulously stylish with her own unique & I LOVE unique!

Who do you aspire to be in the fashion world?
Whilst I adore Chanel, Matthew Williamson & Alexander McQueen, I do love my own brand. I love going into Harvey Nichs or Selfridges looking at the latest items; however I know I could make them for a fraction of the cost, using the same quality, luxury fabrics, and offer them to Manchester’s Finest at a great price. If I had to choose I think Gucci does inspire me with their rich fabrics mixed with interesting metals.

Favourite fashion capital & why?
I do love L.A & London for the effortless chic, however Manchester does have a place in my heart for fashion.

What would you suggest to any Manchester’s Finest lady to wear for a stylishly fabulous Saturday night out?
A Merabi of course *giggles*

Hottest Must-Have Fashion item?
Anything with a red sole.

What are your tips for Manchester’s fashionistas for Autumn/Winter 2011?
(Nadine reaches for her phone, makes a swift, secretive phone call and then spills the EXCLUSIVE)

Well I can’t give away too many of my ideas, as we will be holding an Exclusive VIP fashion show later in September to showcase my new collection. You’re going to see lots of bling for the festive season and also plain fabrics mixed with intricate embellishment. But to know the rest you will have to attend!

I’m sensing there may be more Nadine, spill! What’s next for Merabi by Nadine?? Exclusive for Manchester’s Finest, Merabi has BIG plans! 2011-2012 are set to be huge, with a fabulous new store opening and amazing new collections.
Whilst I will be keeping the Merabi by Nadine Bespoke range, I will also be launching a Merabi Collection; offering around 50 pieces of each item at lower prices. Meaning all of Manchester’s Finest will be able to “Rock their Merabi’s!” The shop will be opening in August this year in a hot location!”

How exciting! We must do an Exclusive when you open Nadine! (watch this space fashionistas!) So with all this success Nadine what advice would you give to any budding designers wanting to follow in your footsteps?
I don’t think it’s essential for you to have a degree in fashion to follow that dream of designing or opening a store. What I do think is essential is, believing in yourself and your style. You are unique and unique is fabulous. Be creative, think outside the box. And above all be true to yourself. You may be surprised what you can achieve!

I could sit talking all afternoon with Nadine about fashion, her designs, her new store but she is a busy lady with an incredible list of clientele waiting for her frockettes, so unfortunately our interview draws to a close.

Coco Chanel said “A girl should be two things; Classy & Fabulous” & I can safely say with a Merabi you will be following this fashionista’s rule, and who is to argue with Chanel!

I urge all of Manchester’s Finest to try and get an appointment with Nadine, its time to “Rock your Merabi.”


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