Xmas Party styles

And the season for the work annual Xmas Party! You’ve got that LBD sorted that you starved to fit into or, like me, invested in a pair of spanx but what about giving your hair a festive fix?

By Manchester's Finest | 27 November 2014

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And the season for the work annual Xmas Party! You’ve got that LBD sorted that you starved to fit into or, like me, invested in a pair of spanx but what about giving your hair a festive fix? Well, we have it on show 24/7, 365 days a year so when it comes to a special occasion it’s important to make sure it’s not overlooked.


Manager of Terence Paul Manchester, Dan Burgess offers his tips on the perfect party hair and some Xmas do’s and don’ts…

MF: How early should you be thinking about booking that Xmas hair do?
DB: Hopefully you have already booked because it is our busiest time of year, however there is always a chance you can get booked in. We also have a cancellation list. Most of our Clients have booked Cut, Colour & Style so they look their best for the Party Season when more photos are taken than any other time!

MF: What should you bear in mind if you are considering a hairpiece or extensions for your Xmas Party look?
DB: Sometimes it can be cost effective to have a more permanent solution for the party season so wearing just a hairpiece for the night might not be the right move. Instead you could try something that looks natural like Rapture hair extensions. These are applied to the hair with a caring bond and you can choose however many you need adding. As little as 2 or 3 would make a difference whether the hair is fine and needs extra body or length.


It’s a simple process…first you would need to book a consultation in advance with us to find out how much hair to put in and match up the colour. Then we can get the extensions ordered to the salon within 24/48 hours and you come in and have them done. Rapture extensions are really easy to wear & the application only takes 1 hour so you are not stuck in the styling chair all day, which is often the case when having other extensions fitted.

MF: How expensive is it to have an ‘up do’ at a salon and is it worth doing a DIY job on your own hair at home?

DB: Prices vary depending on what you require and range from £20 to £45. Generally people should treat themselves to a professional stylist to do their hair for a Xmas party, after all it is a special occasion and you want the preparation to be stress free and look perfect. As a stylist we can also prepare your hair with products will work to keep it in place all night long.

MF: Should you discuss certain hairstyles with your hairdresser before the day of your hair appointment or take a photo with you of the outfit you are wearing for the night?
DB: I’d recommend bringing as much information about the outfit you are wearing to the salon, so together we can make sure the hairstyle compliments your look. The last couple of years have seen people go for a more relaxed, unstructured look with stray pieces of hair giving the style some movement. The key is not to go heavy on the hairspray!

MF: What about those clients who want a totally different look for their Xmas Party?
DB: To be honest I’d advise anyone to stay away from a complete restyle before a big night out as most people just need a change of ‘style’. Changing the parting, creating layers or introducing a fringe – can all make the difference you need. If a client still wanted a restyle for their Xmas party I would definitely discuss the pro’s and cons of it beforehand to make sure they were totally onboard with the change. We can completely change your look for a special night with products, styling techniques & maybe a few Rapture extensions.


MF: When’s the Terence Paul Xmas party and do all of the staff do each other’s hair for it?
DB: Our Christmas Party is Saturday the 20th of December for our whole Teams of 6 salons, Office Team, Training Teams & our Brother’s Flanagans who have 5 salons. And yes we all do each others’ hair and we are very fussy!

Terence Paul spread the season of goodwill to their new and existing clients by giving them Xmas cards with £ 10 off women’s hairdressing and £5 off men’s throughout January and February 2015.
Pop in the salon or call 0161 236 1000 for more details and Xmas bookings or online www.terencepaul.com