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For this season’s collection, Rosso have strayed slightly from their old formula and embraced something innovative and highly exciting.

By Matthew Tyas | Last updated 19 November 2014

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For this season’s collection, Rosso have strayed slightly from their old formula and embraced something innovative and highly exciting. Here is a selection of drinks who’s flavours and ingredients really embody the transition of seasons from the dark winter nights to the fresher spring days.


Inspiration has come from across the globe, and, whilst they have tried to stay true to our Italian roots more so than ever, this season Rosso are also really illustrating where we feel trends and tastes are going. Sit back and enjoy some sophisticated concoctions you truly will not experience anywhere else.



#1 “L’EVOLUZIONE” (“The Evolution”)
Bulleit Bourbon – Limoncello – Lemon – Caramel
The closest to collections past; if you remember last season’s Capri Collins, meet it’s brother ‘the Amalfi pie’ (you’ll see why). An evolution of the Capri’s citrus flavors with darker notes coming in from the Bourbon and caramel creating a layered and complex yet luxurious, smooth sipper.

#2 “LA FUSIONE” (“The Fusion”)
Cocchi Americano Rosa – Aperol – Edmond Briottet Fraise de Bois – Strawberry – Prosecco

A special fusion of a Negroni and a Rossini. Taking two flavors du jeur in the elite bar world, Aperol and Cocchi vermouth, and using them to merge these two classic cocktails together, we have concocted a beautifully delicate and fresh long drink sure to please both ladies and the discerning cocktail enthusiast.

#3 “IL JOLLY” (“The Wildcard”)
Pampero Especial Golden Rum – Lime – Nutmeg

This a Gingerbread Daiquiri and is the joker in the pack. Essentially if the cocktails with fresher fruits embody the spring this cocktail truly captures the essence of winter. Gingerbread flavoring with a hint of nutmeg creates an almost dessert like winter quality that will have you thinking back to those cold dark winter nights

#4 “IL CORTO” (“The Short”)
Visciolata del Cardinale Cherry Dessert Wine – Aperol – St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur – Edmond Briottet Crème de Bergamote – Punt e Mes – Cocchi Americano – Lemon

How fitting that a cocktail named after New York is the basis of the inspiration for this cocktail. Italian’s drink their drinks short and neat and so the Long Island Iced Tea becomes this short little number. Surprisingly fruity and complex, comprised with a concoction of different Italian liquids, this really needs to be tried.

#5 “IL ROVO” (“The Bramble”)
Tanqueray Gin – Edmond Briottet Crème de Bergamote – Maraschino Cherry – Lemon – Rhubarb – Elderflower

Named after it’s inspiration, another classic cocktail has been given an Italian makeover. Bursting with the flavors of the spring, this cocktail is packed with the fresh and zesty notes of Rhubarb, elderflower, sweet cherries and bergamot. Really embodying what these collections are about, this cocktail is a great way to enjoy a seasonal twist on the classic Bramble.