The Arnie All Dayer at Stockport Plaza

The man who can single-handedly both destroy an army and discipline a classroom full of 6 years olds, Arnold Schwarzenegger is an absolute movie legend and as such, the Stockport Plaza will be banging out 4 of his biggest and best movies in a brilliant All Dayer this Sunday 22nd July.

By Ben Brown | Last updated 3 December 2018

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Hailing from the small town of Graz in Austria, Arnie became the world’s most successful bodybuilder, and then its biggest movie star. His first English film was the atrocious Hercules in New York where the producers decided to dub over his strong Austrian accent with a much more understandable American drawl.

Next up was Conan the Barbarian, and the film that managed to get Arnold noticed in Hollywood. He was then subsequently cast as the Terminator by James Cameron and the rest is history. Along the way he bagged himself loads of nifty catch phrases, a couple of illegitimate children and of course – Planet Hollywood.

Sunday 22nd July will see the Stockport Plaza play 4 of Arnie’s biggest and best movies throughout the day. Here’s what’s on:

The plot to Commando couldn’t be simpler. A retired Army Colonel (Arnie) just wants to live a peaceful life in the woods with his daughter, carrying logs, feeding deer and slagging off Boy George. But no. His old army pal – Bennet – who wears a rather butch bit of chainmail kidnaps his kid and royally fucks everything up. Cue Arnie’s muscles in close-up followed by him murdering around 300 blokes with a diverse range of weaponry and garden tools.

The ultimate cross between sci-fi, horror and action, Predator sees Arnie head into the Central American jungle to fight a big fuck-off alien thing that is invisible sometimes but not other times. With him are a bunch of sexual tyrannosaurs including Jesse ‘the body’ Ventura and Apollo Creed. Slowly they all get done over by the Predator until it’s just Arnie left – big mistake you stupid alien slug.

True Lies
Probably one of Arnie’s best and perhaps one of his most underrated films, True Lies is a mix of action, comedy and Coronation Street as Arnie’s secret agent tries to hide his job from his wife who decides to get into an affair with a tiny penised used car salesman. All this while some terrorist group tries to drop a nuclear bomb on Washington DC. The movie features every 13-year-old boy’s favourite strip dance as well as a brilliantly ridiculous set piece involving a horse and a hotel.

Terminator 2: Judgement Day
I’m going to say it – the greatest sci-fi film of all time. Terminator 2 managed to not only expand on the original but surpass it in pretty much every aspect. Featuring everyone at the very peak of their game, Terminator 2 saw Arnie switch roles to become the good guy robot from the future, fighting Robert Patrick’s sinister liquid metal robot from the future. It’s pretty much the perfect film and after writing this – I’ll definitely be watching it tonight.

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