A Guide to Manchester's Vegan Revolution

It's World Vegan Day and no longer is being a vegan something people scorn at, with more and more of you taking the plunge to cut out meat and dairy for good.

By Ben Brown | Last updated 3 December 2018

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There’s a wealth of options for vegans here in Manchester and so here’s our favourites for your (plant-based) enjoyment…

GRUB’s Plant Powered Sundays
This winter weather shouldn’t get in the way of enjoying some street food round the back of Piccadilly so you’ll be pleased to know that GRUB has moved indoors so you won’t freeze your tits off over a few sliders. Every week GRUB run their Plant Powered Sundays, with the finest 100% vegan street food traders alongside a super vegan friendly bar. Entry is COMPLETELY FREE and all are welcome every Sunday between 12pm and 6pm.

Fairfield Social Club Arch, 6 Temperance St, Manchester M12 6HR


The Vegan Burger that BLEEDS at Harvey Nichols
Harvey Nichols have partnered with Moving Mountains to bring one of the world’s most innovative meatless burgers to the Second Floor Bar and Brasserie, complete with a texture that is so akin to animal meat that apparently you can’t tell, so much so that it even ‘bleeds’. The B12 Burger has taken a team of scientists, chefs and farmers over two years to perfect and the result is a vegan burger that’s free from cholesterol, antibiotics and hormones, and contains 20g plant protein per serving. They also have a full Vegan menu on the go too – which you can check out here.

Harvey Nichols Manchester, 21 New Cathedral Street, Manchester, M1 1AD


Crazy Pedro’s new Vegan Pizzas
After their very successful Vegan special throughout October, Crazy Pedro’s have decided to make their Sloppy Giuseppe pizza a permanent fixture to the menu. It comes loaded with hot spiced (not) beef, vegan cheese, peppers, onions and jalapeños – great news for all you vegans out there who still want to scoff some filth at 4am. Not only this but they’ve also decided to add another new vegan option to the menu – the ‘Holy Cluck’ with BBQ (not) chicken, mango salsa with red and yellow pepper, coriander and more BBQ sauce. Bam!

Crazy Pedro’s,
55-57 Bridge St, Manchester M3 3BQ
Short St, Manchester M1 1JG


Piccadilly’s Gujurat-inspired street food parlour is a vegan haven, selling tasty, flavoursome food at great prices. There’s also a brilliant weekly food offer knocking about too – where between 12-4pm, Monday- Friday, they’ll offer 2 dishes for only £7. Fresh, flavoursome food and an insane selection of beer? You can’t go wrong!

Bundobust, 61 Piccadilly, Manchester M1 2AG


The Refuge
With a packed menu of small (Voltini) dishes, The Refuge is perfect if you’re with a gang of mates and want to have a chat while tucking into a few bevvies. As a vegan you shouldn’t be worried at you’re going to miss out though, because they’ve created The Refuge Vegan Introduction – a selection of 6 dishes and a carafe of vegan wine for £40 (for two). You’ll find the likes of their Chargrilled cauliflower with carraway and pomegranate, the legendary Beetroot Pakora and their delicious Grilled Broccoli with Beetroom Romesco on the menu.

The Refuge, Oxford St, Manchester M60 7HA


A few years back everyone was going absolutely crazy over Almost Famous and their massive burgers, so everyone else decided to jump on the band wagon and offer huge, greasy, pig-out food that would give Elvis the meat sweats just by looking at them. V Rev has made the genius step to provide a similar thing but with 100% vegan burgers, chicken, hotdogs and butties all piled high and ready to gorge on. Make sure you bring your stretchy pants because you’re going to be full!

VREV, 20-26 Edge Street, M4 1HN


The Allotment
Once a feather in the cap of Stockport’s food scene, The Allotment has recently moved into the city centre, a welcome move for us too lazy to bother getting on the 192. They offer a fantastic Taster Menu of vegan delights, all that will blow your socks off, and indeed have blown the socks off many a judge and panel at awards ceremonies over the last few years. A must for any vegan (or non-vegan actually).

The Allotment, 18/22 Lloyd Street, Manchester, M2 5WA


Food Me! at Hatch
As part of the brilliant daily street food offerings each day at Hatch is vegan and plant-based specialists Food Me! Food Me offers plant-based vegan food, serving up delicious and hearty dishes – absolutely spot on for Autumn. Fresh, warming soups, and big, vibrant mains like Autumn Cous Cous and Lentil Chilli will be dished up alongside beautiful fresh pressed juices such as ‘Dance to the Beet’ and blended smoothies like ‘Macalicious’.

The New Street Food Traders at Hatch


The Deaf Institute
If you love going to gigs or just enjoy getting totally leathered, you’ll have been to Deaf Institute at some point during your life. But, turns out they now put on an amazing vegan spread, which, if you’re looking to save some pennies, is actually buy one meal, get the other one free, every single Wednesday. From sweet potato Thai curries to mouth-watering avocado flatbreads, you and all of your vegan pals will be totally spoiled for choice. I’m sure you’ll have a few pennies left over for some delish beers, too…

The Deaf Institute, 135 Grosvenor St, Manchester M1 7HE


When it comes to vegan food, it is safe to say that Italian food can be tricky. There is an abundance of milk, cheese and eggs in food from this part of the world and it is usually well off limits. Vegans can jump for joy, however, now that Cibo offers a 100% vegan menu. Expect such delights as roasted courgette bruschetta with basil, pappardelle pasta with tomatoes, aubergine and chilli, and even desserts like Pana Cotta with vanilla and berry compote.

Cibo, 3-11 Liverpool Rd, Manchester M3 4NW


Ice Shack
Imagine going through a breakup without a tub of ice cream to sob into? It’s a Vegan’s worst nightmare. But do not fret my planet-loving friends – Withington have opened a completely vegan-friendly ice cream parlour called the Ice Shack, meaning your heart-break binge eating may just be back on the cards! They’ve always got a massive selection available, and I know it’s cold outside, but if you want some ice cream delights – this is the place.

Ice Shack, 160-164 Wellington Rd, Manchester M20 3FU


Earth Café
Can you imagine getting four freshly cooked meals, beaming with exotic spices and herbs, all for £7? You’d probably think I was having a laugh. And you’re right, I’m laughing at how bloody cheap Earth Café is! If you’re a vegan, you’ll definitely be acquainted with Earth Café; the home of the most varied, vegan-friendly food in town. Whether you’re craving a spicy Caribbean curry, yummy Polenta bake or some seductive Mushroom Lattice – no taste bud will be left disappointed.

Earth Café, 16-20 Turner St, Manchester M4 1DZ


The El Capo Vegan Menu
Northern Quarter Mexican Cantina El Capo have recently launched an extensive Vegan menu complete with all of your favourites including mac & cheese, tacos, burritos and even ice cream! They’ve got three main vegan fillings available in the form of a choice of Kale & Mushroom, Sweet Potato & Mushroom or Smoked BBQ Jackfruit which can be plonked inside a burrito or placed on a taco as you wish. We went down earlier in the year to check the dishes out – here’s our review:

El Capo Goes Vegan


For somewhere that has many a Japanese inspired dishes on the menu you may be surprised to find a dedicated Vegan menu at Cottonopolis, and it’s one that is in no way an afterthought. They have a wealth of dishes available, and as you’d expect from the kitchen here – they’re both delicious and beautifully presented. A personal favourite is the Pulled Jackfruit Bao, but their Nori Tacos are also up there in the brilliance stakes. Get yourself down and give them a try – you won’t regret it.

Cottonopolis, 16 Newton St, Manchester M1 2AE


The food at Common always seems to be winning a load of awards from the likes of the Guardian and the Observer – the journalists there just seem to go crazy for their breakfast dishes. Perhaps you struggle to find this kind of stuff down south? Anyway, within their comprehensive menu you’ll find a lot of Vegan options including a fantastic Vegan Fry Up, a Cannellini Dip that’s great alongside some beers and a Common Hash which can easily compete with its decidedly meatier brothers.

Common, 39-41 Edge St, Manchester M4 1HW