Friday Night Social @LivingRoom

I went along to Living Room's Friday night drinks to check out exactly what's going on down there these days.

By Lee Isherwood | 5 August 2013

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So if you’re anything like me you’ve given Deansgate a bit of a wide birth for the last few years or so. Living Room has over it’s 15 year presence been billed as the place to be, by that I mean footballers went and fashionistas flocked of a weekend.

Since then things have changed a lot in Manchester, it’s hip to be square for a start and in those terms Deansgate is decidedly round.

So this leads me on to the Friday Night Social. After work drinks are nothing new in any city and Manchester boasts a rather healthy Thursday & Friday night scene, with I’d estimate half the city flocking to events and nipping out for “just a couple”. I went along to Living Room’s Friday night drinks to check out exactly what’s going on down there these days.

As mentioned it’s been a while, first thing that sprung to mind for both me and my friend as we walked up to the door was becoming acutely aware of what we were wearing. Manchester has in general moved with the times and finally caught up to London and the rest of Europe with regards to judging people on their way in to a venue so in general I haven’t felt that pang in a long time, after all I’m a 30 year old professional, but there is something about this part of town that feels some what antiquated. We were alright though.


(This is the poster for the Friday Night Social)

Living Room basically looks exactly how I remember it, a nice interior and a well stocked bar surrounded by good looking staff. As for the Friday Night Social there are a couple of things people can sign up to and for; a Private Booth of 6 with some free cocktails and a complimentary sharing platter, entry into business of the month (which is a prize draw) and a privilege card entitling to 20% off future food at The Living Room Manchester. There’s also a general Friday Night Guestlist where you get a free shot, we had Tequila. We’re told there’s going to be other things going on aswell, free cocktail masterclass & flaring, live music etc.

The Friday Night Social vibe then in general was pretty good. I was with friends and we enjoyed the booth and cocktail combo, Living Room have up’d their game on the cocktail front in order to compete with the likes of Alchemist and Australasia that have some what stolen their cool crown over the last few years.

Food for the Friday night social is American themed dishes, mini burgers and fries with onion rings and various other platter style bits to dig into. The stuff we had was good and fit in with the general vibe, I know Living Room have moved on recently with their food style and substance and this ethos carries through into the Friday Night Social.

To summarise I reckon if you wanna meet up with a few folks, take a few clients or have an after working “meeting” then give Living Room a shot. It wasn’t too busy to hear yourself think or get to the bar and the table service for the booths was really good.