Gastro Club Mcr

Gastro Club Manchester is now 200 members strong and can be found on twitter @GastroClub_Mcr

By Manchester's Finest | 3 March 2011

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They say some of the best things happen by accident!  Within minutes of tweeting about wanting to start up a GastroClub Katie Brunt, a 23-year-old social media and PR manager,  was inundated with replies from like-minded foodies.

The club is now 200 members strong. The group of food enthusiasts meet on the second Tuesday of every month at different restaurants around Manchester and Katie works with the venues to arrange alternative and unusual menus.

The first event at the Mark Addy consisted of a five course meal which included a 13 bird spit roast which was brought out on a stretcher! The meal also included squirrel parcels as a starter. On their second meeting at Chinese restaurant Sweet Mandarin in the Northern Quarter the Gastro Clubbers feasted on authentic Chinese chicken’s feet and crunchy jellyfish.

“We approach restaurants that we think have adventurous chefs. We always ask them to create a meal that’s not on the standard menu. No chef has yet refused the challenge. It’s an opportunity for them to really shine and show off their talents. We give them free reign to devise an exciting menu for us.”

The group has no official website, the only way to find out more about joining is to follow @GastroClub_Mcr on Twitter, or by joining their mailing list.