Grand Finale at HOME: review

Hofesh Shechter and Company returned to Manchester this week for Grand Finale, where comic scenes, monoliths and crashing waves meet beautiful moments of blissful existential dread.

By Lee Isherwood | 1 February 2018

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Last nights performance marks the third time I’ve been fortunate enough to see Hofesh and company and although the man himself no longer partakes his signature is everywhere in this piece. Grand Finale is at once comic, bleak and beautiful, evoking a world at odds with itself, full of anarchic energy and violent comedy. Filtering this irrepressible spirit, Shechter creates a vision of a world in freefall, part gig, part dance, part theatre and wholly original.

A simple yet sometimes unexpectedly, and purposefully, over bearing stage sets the scene for a truly unique 90 minutes of energy filled juxtapositions. A 6 piece classical band navigate the stage both hidden from view then as if from no where taking centre stage all the while performing alongside an “unquestionably Hofesh” score. The sound and sound effects as integral as the company itself and for the Grand Finale a very loud accompaniment indeed – ear plugs available on request.

Whilst contemporary dance may seem slightly too out of reach to even your most hardened theatre goer my companion this evening was a first time viewer and his experience lifted mine. His confusion and uncertainty of plot, adoration of sound and movement alongside his sense of enjoyment filled the interval conversation and we were more than ready to get back in.

Whilst for me the second half seemed to taper off at times the energy and sense of presence was a constant through out. For the newcomer this is not only recommended but a must, for so many years a bench mark at the highest level. For seasoned Hofesh fans, sit back and enjoy again what he does best.

Wed 31 Jan, 19:30
Thu 1 Feb, 19:30
Fri 2 Feb, 19:30
Sat 3 Feb, 19:30

£10 – £19 (conc. available)

Available here