Manchester Science Festival 2014

The Science Festival at MOSI has upped the game for its eight birthday, meaning that it’s crammed with more workshops and science than ever before.

By Manchester's Finest | 27 October 2014

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What were you doing when you were eight? Eating sand? Picking your nose? Watching Cartoon Network? Well the Science Festival at MOSI has upped the game for its eight birthday, meaning that it’s crammed with more workshops and science than ever before.

Kicking off the event are the two big draws of the year; 3D: Printing the future, exploring new technology that allows us to create anything with our computers (even self-portraits and firearms) and The Sounds of Others, an art exhibit which compares and contrasts animal sounds to show connections that link all living things from the tiniest insect to the biggest hippo.

Marcus Coates, the brain behind The Sound of Others, is closer to an artist than a scientist. As well as showing the connection between the sounds we all make, his exhibit displays a wit that you wouldn’t expect from a museum. 3D: Printing the Future is just as interesting, with plenty of demonstrations about the three different methods of printing and a special section about the use of printers to make prosthetics limbs and the metal plates used to rebuild broken bones. I was lucky enough to receive a special explanation from Veronique Sauret-Jackson, Managing Director of Cavendish Imaging, who make the replacement body parts.


Both of these events are running from October 23rd to November 2nd at MOSI and they’re FREE to attend, with no need to book. So bring your kids, your cousins or even a date and spend the afternoon exploring the world through different means.

But that’s not all. This weekend will see the museum host the highly anticipated Hack Manchester event, where teams of computer experts work together to exploit security faults in software. You will never feel safe on the internet again as these wizards take control of your mobile, your laptop and your entire life via the internet, with the most inventive hack taking the grand prize.

Halloween will also see back-to-back screenings of Sci-Fi classics, in partnership with Grimm Up North, including Terry Gilliams excellent Twelve Monkeys and Ridley Scott’s monster classic Alien.

Every evening will kick off with a unique guest speaker (although the names still fall under I’d-have-to-kill-you territory) and will cost £12.50. However, three-day passes are also available for £30 and considering that you have to take out a mortgage to go to Cineworld these days, that seems pretty reasonable.

There are also plenty of student events, most notable being Prelude to a number (which begins with an open mic night on 27th October) and The Frankenscience of Poetry on November 1st, neither of which should be missed by any self-respecting English student as they explore the unique relationship between medicine, numbers and language.

Harbour a taste for blood and guts? Monday 27th sees the Manchester Police Museum hold CSI: Playing With History , where participants attempt to solve historic crimes using only 19th century technology. With all of these potential Sherlocks in the wings, could you outsmart Jack The Ripper? And still the list goes on, ranging from Glow in the Dark E-coli (Thursday 30th October) to Comedy In Space! (Sunday November 2nd). There are literally too many events to cover in a single article.

But the message is simple. For all you lovers of science, film, music and art, or if you just really want to know what goes into a kebab, then head down to Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry this month. You will not be disappointed.

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