New Exhibition Space Showcases Student Artwork

Eclectic works by emerging artists from the University of Salford are being displayed at a new exhibition space in the city.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 20 April 2018

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Students from the University’s BA Visual Arts programme working across painting, sculpture, film and sound, are having their work shown at the Reality: Tap To See More exhibition at Paradise Works on Thursday 19 April.

The studio, based on East Philip Street in Salford, opened last year and is a not for profit initiative which is currently home to 28 artists working across a range of disciplines.

The exhibition features new work by 12 second-year students who were given a live brief in which they were asked to produce work to be shown at the exhibition, responding to the relationship between the digital and the physical world.

Liam Stevenson is inspired by the Vaporwave music and art movement and debuts a sound piece influenced by this niche genre, alongside collage and sculpture. While Rebekah Beasley (above) is interested in memories and the passing of time, and showcases an appropriated, analogue photography work cataloguing the past life of a stranger.

David Warrington presents a compelling installation of painting, sound and live performance. David’s interests lie in the spiritual and material world and how exactly that can be defined, taking inspiration from the renowned Belgian artist René Magritte.

Amy Brown (above) focuses on the behavioural prompts of social media, and questions our online identities. Through painting, Brown asks how our online profiles intentionally and unintentionally limit our ‘real’ lives.

Mollie Balshaw’s (top) sculptural series directly explore the dwindling need for physical objects in our current social climate. Inspired by Arman’s sculpture series of ‘Accumulations’, her work delves into the loss associated with redundant technology.

Reality: Tap To See More 
@Paradise Works
Thursday 19 April
Free Entry

Paradise Works, East Philip Street, Salford, Manchester, M3 7LE