Note To Self

NoteToSelf Creative Consortium was founded in 2011 The event will take place at the Cornerhouse

By Lee Isherwood | 23 February 2012

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NoteToSelf Creative Consortium was founded in 2011 by freelance creatives David Moore and Chris Roberts. They started this event with the main focus on getting the worlds best creatives into one room to talk and share their knowledge with others. Following the success of the first 2 events the duo have brought it back to the Cornerhouse in Manchester.Each event has a different theme that gives the speakers the opportunity to share their influences and award winning work to fellow professionals and like minded undergraduates. The theme for the next event is “passion”, “we purposely choose a wide subject matter as this allows the speakers to take the talks in any direction they wish.”

They have a fantastic line up of speakers for the Manchester event bringing some of the finest creative minds to one venue. These include Trevor Johnson Creative Director of CreativeLynx, Bruno Maag – Co-founding of London based Typography studio Dalton Maag plus the acclaimed photographer Andrew Brooks and finally Matt and J the Co-founders of RetroFuzz.

The Manchester event will take place on the 28th February at the Cornerhouse. For more information and to find out how to attend the event visit