Sauce in the City: A Beer-Soaked BBQ Bus Tour around Manchester

As part of a summer spectacular, Meat Lust has announced ‘Sauce and the City’, a 10-day mouth-watering food and booze tour across the city of Manchester.

By Steven Pankhurst | Last updated 11 July 2017

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As part of a summer spectacular, Meat Lust has announced ‘Sauce and the City’, a 10-day mouth-watering food and booze tour across the city of Manchester.

Set to start on Thursday 20th July at Street on Deansgate, ‘Sauce and the City’ will see Meat Lust team up with its favourite food spots from around the city. Exclusive miniature dishes, using the Meat Lust sauces, will be created to showcase the very essence of their menu – a two-bite wonder destined to get food fans screaming out for more. Some of the culinary giants set to be involved include: Crazy Pedro’s Part-Time Pizza Parlour, The Hip Hop Chip Shop, Dockyard, Sugar Rays and Northern Soul Grilled Cheese.

To ensure the bus is well-oiled in the sweltering July heat, Meat Lust has also teamed up with some of its favourite breweries: Shindigger Brewery, Tickety Brew and BrewDog. Beer tasting is a crucial part of the ‘Sauce and the City’ experience and the on-board bar will keep hungry guests refreshed as they move from one location to another.

Celebrating music from Manchester’s famous music scene, guests will also be treated to a soundtrack of up and coming artists from around the city, including tasty tunes from Stillia, Kevill and Spring King and of course, there’ll be food on-board too. Spinningfield’s very own Beastro has developed a unique, one-off menu, which will be prepared on the custom-fitted Primo grill on the top deck. Like Meat Lust, Beastro’s meaty credentials come from the butchery industry, so it’s a perfect match for ‘Sauce and the City’.

Scott Dixon, Director of The Flava People and third-generation flavour fanatic, said: “Manchester is our home and we’re proud to call ourselves a Mancunian business. It’s an incredible city – blessed with great food, amazing booze, brilliant people and an infectious energy.

“To capitalise on this, we’ve come up with is a pretty innovative concept in ‘Sauce and the City’. We’re orchestrating unique and exciting collaborations with some of the most celebrated new characters Manchester has to offer.

“The food partners have been tasked with creating a miniature dish; something packed with punchy, powerful flavours to give guests a mouthful they’ll never forget. It’s a chance for the chefs to get really creative by using one of our Meat Lust sauces and creating something unique.”

As if that’s not enough, the Meat Lust guys have invited its newly announced celebrity ambassador Adam Richman, Host of Travel Channel’s ‘Man vs. Food’ to get involved. Adam, a self-proclaimed food enthusiast, will be tasting all the dishes, munching his way through the city and meeting Mancunian fans throughout the week.

The bus will be departing from outside B.Eat Street everyday at the following times:

4pm – 7pm Thu    20th July
6pm – 9pm Fri      21st July
2pm – 5pm Sat     22nd July
6pm – 9pm Sat     22nd July
2pm – 5pm Sun    23rd July
6pm – 9pm Sun    23rd July
4pm – 7pm Thu    27th July
6pm – 9pm Fri      28th July
2pm – 5pm Sat     29th July
6pm – 9pm Sat     29th July
2pm – 5pm Sun    30th July
6pm – 9pm Sun    30th July

Tickets are avialable now:

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