Social Behaviours 众重行事

Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (CFCCA) presents a range of works by Chinese performance artist Li Binyuan in an exhibition entitled Social Behaviours.

By Matthew Tyas | 24 March 2015

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Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (CFCCA) presents a range of works by Chinese performance artist Li Binyuan in an exhibition entitled Social Behaviours.


CFCCA are proud to present Social Behaviours, an exciting collection of solo works by the bold, idiosyncratic and experimental Beijing based artist Li Binyuan. His work ranges from video art to live action pieces to sculpture, and is expressed and performed through a number of public disturbances of Beijing’s social life. In these filmed interruptions, Binyuan challenges and questions widely held beliefs and ideas with playful inventiveness and an unbounding sense of artistic freedom. Following on from these practices, CFCCA are pleased to present the UK debut of his one of his most ground breaking pieces, Deathless Love, to be performed live on 14 May as part of Manchester After Hours 2015, a city-wide evening celebration of Manchester’s culture.

CFCCA Director Zoe Dunbar says:

We are very excited to bring to Manchester an exhibition of Li Binyuan’s work. His art is challenging and anarchic, but also frequently hilarious, and always universal. He uses a combination of his body and surroundings to create pieces that are at once video art, but also draw from contemporary sculpture and behaviour art practices. Through this approach, Binyuan has created a new relationship between the artist and the audience.

Watch a trailer for Deathless Love here:

CFCCA will also screen UK premiers of a number of Li Binyuan’s previous pieces. This selection will include 2.45m Long Jump Exercises, a video performance which encompasses the major themes running through his work:. seemingly endless repetition, pushing his body to the outermost limits and using his surroundings as a sculptor would use clay. Binyuan’s techniques are innovative and probing. Fitting in with this bold artistic approach, CFCCA will be exhibiting his works in ways which will encourage visitors to view and participate with his ideas from a non-conventional perspective.

The selection of films include:

-Exercises #47 Minutes
-2.45m Long jump exercises
-One minute sculptures

About the Artist

Li Binyuan (b. 1985) graduated from the Central Academy of Art in Beijing with a B.A. in Sculpture in 2011. He has since gone on to disturb, inspire, amuse and challenge urban life, and the social and political restrictions attached, using an inventive and highly personalised artistic method. Fusing the technical aspects of video art with more avant-garde behaviour art and modern sculpture methods, Binyuan has created a distinct style to communicate his ideas.

Following a number of successful and thought provoking joint exhibitions in prestigious galleries in China, including Beijing’s Today Art Museum and Gallery Yang, as well as a number of spaces in Europe, such as the Ufferhallen in Berlin, CFCCA are delighted to announce Li Binyuan’s first solo exhibition in the UK.

Social Behaviours 众重行事
Li Binyuan 厉槟源
Exhibition Preview: Thursday 9 April, 6pm-8pm
Exhibition: 10 April- 31 May 2015, Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art

Special Evening performance: 14 May 2015*
* Part of Manchester After Hours 2015