Speed Dating in a Chippy with The Charlatans

As if being on camera with a severe case of conjunctivitis wasn't bad enough, I was tasked with only 4 minutes to talk to each one of the Charlatans about their festival in Northwich, chippies, Bodmin Beasts and other random bits of drivel.

By Ben Brown | Last updated 3 December 2018

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In what was my first taste of a speed dating kind of environment, I headed down to the legendary Seafarer Chippy in Northwich to speak to the Charlatans; bassist Martin Blunt, keyboard player Tony Rogers and lead man Tim Burgess who were in town playing a series of 3 gigs for the North by Northwich Festival.

The town is where Tim Burgess grew up and has become the un-official home of the band, a place they like to revisit as much as possible. I was given 4 minutes with each of them to talk about the festival, and a lot of other ridiculous things before the timer ran out.

Luckily for the conjunctivitis – all three were wearing sunglasses too – purely for rock and roll reasons – so I don’t look too silly really. I’m not sure why I start going on about ‘big dirty cats’ either but screw it – enjoy!