Steerage 24:7 Festival

Two children, one shipping container. Two strangers, one torch. Darkness.

By Manchester's Finest | 20 July 2011

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Steerage to première at Manchester’s 24:7 Theatre Festival

Two children, one shipping container. Two strangers, one torch. Darkness. This new one-hour play, written by Georgina Perry, tells the story of ten-year-old Immy and her teenage brother, Zead, as they travel across the sea to England. It is an affecting tale of fear, power and the defence mechanisms used to help people face the most difficult journeys.

“Steerage is all about coping strategies,” says writer Georgina. “I worked with young refugees in London and it dawned on me just how many children make these journeys. If the thought scares me as an adult, then how terrifying must it be as a child? Just how do they deal with this situation?”

As the central character of Immy faces increasing conflict within the container so she retreats into her own imaginary world. The company is delighted to announce that this incredibly visual aspect of the play will bring about a collaboration with No Nonsense Theatre Company, who are designing and creating the puppetry for the play. Renowned for their highly visual approach, No Nonsense have worked with The Octagon, Bolton, Waterside Arts Centre, Lanternhouse International and Teatr Groteska, Krakow. Recently they worked with The Asylum Seeking and Refugee community on Ruth.

Also joining the creative team is award-winning director Sue McGeorge, Artistic Director of Second Nature Theatre Company. Sue is a 24:7 Theatre Festival veteran, having directed four previous plays including The Judgement of Mr Jenkins (winner of the MEN best fringe production award), Eating Out (MEN nominated best new play) and ContreCoupe (winner of best new writing and best actor Buxton Fringe). She recently directed The Bones of You at Hebden Bridge Arts Festival.

Steerage will also showcase the acting talents of Catherine Dowling (Immy),  Assad Zaman Choudhury (Zead), Ali Gadema (Ibrahim) and Amir Rahimzadeh (Tamir).