The Full Monty – Review

The smash hit British film about six out-of-work Sheffield steelworkers is back, live on stage, and the good news is that it features the iconic soundtrack and…nudity!

Full Monty Promotional Image

The cast was full of recognisable faces from stage and screen who generally did a good job. Kenny Doughy (of Stella fame) as Gaz was very watchable, and Roger Morlidge as Dave was spot on as his likeable sidekick. Comic relief came from Craig Gazey (Corrie’s Graeme Proctor) as Lomper, who had the audience in stitches. The rest of the cast were strong with the possible exception of Caroline Carver as Mandy, whose attempt at a Sheffield accent was fairly cringe worthy.

Remaining pretty faithful to the film, the play provided an entertaining night out. The atmosphere in The Lowry was electric and clearly full of diehard fans – the lady sat next to me was quoting the words along with the actors (slightly irritating as she ruined several punch lines, but at least she was having fun!)

As mentioned before, there was nudity. Quite a lot of it – which the audience lapped up! The key demographic was women aged 45-65, with a few harried husbands in tow. At times it felt like I was at a Loose Women convention / my auntie’s hen do.

Would I go again? Yes, but I’d probably have a few glasses of cava first to get me geed up. Not for the fainthearted.



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