Nanny Banton and Friends... Go Ghost Hunting

Alright! After a short break to concentrate on our modelling careers, me and the lads are back with a spooky special that will really give you the willies.

By Manchester's Finest | 2 November 2018

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We teamed up with Ghost Hunter Extraordinaire, Flecky Bennett, and visited one of the most haunted buildings in Manchester, well it might actually be classed as Salford but who cares.

Guests includes, Drum n Bass (ish) DJ Dub Phizix and Manchester Man About Town Mark Jorgensen as well as regulars Danny and Stu, with music provided by Chimpo and Metrodome.

Join us for campfire bants, Ouiji boards and a few bumps in the night, as we cross over to the dark side for the next episode of Nanny Banton and Friends.