Nanny Banton and Friends... Go Tiki

Alright, it's me, Nanny Banton. Somehow I've managed to blag Manchester’s Finest to give me and my mates a new show, dunno what they were thinking.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 1 June 2018

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I can’t figure if it was my CV of DJing and promoting in Manchester or the fact I’m deliciously good looking that’s got me this gig.

Don’t really know how it’s going to pan out, it’s just us lot having a laugh. There’s some structure to it but don’t worry about that.

It’s gonna be monthly-ish; we’ll probably just do it when we have time between getting off with girls and browsing Just Eat (RIP Hungry House).

It’s mostly about what’s going on music-wise but we do go on about other stuff as well, you know, like goin’ the gym n that and each episode we’ll be joined by some special guests.

Anyway, whatever, this is the first show we did. Me, Chimpo, Danny, Wilf and Stu went to The Liars Club, which was pretty sick. We had loads of cocktails, Wilf told us about The Loop, Chimpo and Danny had a well funny joke off and Nando’s got dissed hard.

Yes I’ve noticed that I say “yep” too much during Wilf’s bit, not arsed though, I’ll be better next time.

We’re going to be bringing you more of the same soon so if you wanna come and get involved or you want us to visit you, get on the blower, any free stuff is always welcome!

Buzzin, nice one, safe.