Signature Dish with Ed Baines: Plats De Fruits De Mer at Randall & Aubin

Fresh from checking out the Honey Roast Duck at One88, we're hitting the Signature Dish videos hard now with a truly spectacular dish - get ready to pull out your GCSE French Textbook because it's the Plats De Fruits De Mer at Randall & Aubin.

By Ben Brown | 27 December 2017

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As you may or may not be aware, our Signature Dish series looks at highlighting the best dishes in the city, the kinds of dishes which make you actually want to attend an establishment by reputation alone. In this case, the Plats De Fruits De Mer is the ‘big boy’ on the menu at Randall & Aubin – in fact, it’s something of a show-stopper.

To look at the dish, how it’s prepared and what exactly is in it, I sat down with legendary chef Ed Baines, founder of Randall & Aubin and expert on pretty much anything involving a pan and cooker.

Since starting Randall & Aubin in Soho in 1996 with his friend and business partner Jamie Poulton, Ed has overseen the restaurant’s expansion into Manchester this year and the city’s reaction to a menu consisting of oysters, whelks and cockles has been extremely positive – something many may not have thought possible.

The Plats De Fruits De Mer continues the whole ‘net-to-plate’ ethos of sustainable fishing at Randall & Aubin with a seafood platter consisting of a variety of deliciously fresh crustaceans.

So, here we go, the dish contains the following; 8 rock oysters, whole Dorset crab, Atlantic shrimps, diver picked scallops, cockles, whelks, mixed clams, Mediterranean prawns & Native mussels. As you will see in the video – this is one monstrous sharing platter, and truly a sight (and taste) to behold.

Randall & Aubin, 64 Bridge St, Manchester M3 3BN
0161 711 1007