Meet the Guys Selling £10,000 Air Jordans & Rare Yeezys Signed by Kanye West from a Tiny Basement in Chinatown

Jack Chen & Dominic Hespe, the owners of Sneaker63 - Manchester's first trainer consignment store.

By Manchester's Finest | 23 August 2020

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Here we are and here it is, THE GRIND! A new collaboration series between creative company Thirty Pound Gentleman and Manchester’s Finest that picks up the ‘D.I.Y or Die’ type of energy that the annual TPG GRIND Seminar usually delivers for young creative minds in the city.

I’ll be meeting people from parts of the creative industry that are closer to the ground, the hustlers and day breakers who do it all and do it well; hearing their stories and understanding what makes them tick, what gets them out of bed in the morning, and why they do what they do!

In this first episode we meet Jack & Dom, the owners of Manchester’s first ever consignment trainer store, Sneaker 63. Snuggly tucked beneath a Sushi bar in the heart of Chinatown in Manchester, there’s something so gangster, underground and just gnarly about the store which is contrasted by the ultra-luxe and ultra rare trainers, garments, toys and other memorabilia packed tightly into the tiny shop. Amongst the treasure trove of goods, you’ll find a signature from Kanye West on a pair of Yeezy Turtle Doves, a Supreme house brick, and a £10,000 pair of Air Jordans (YES TEN THOUSAND GREAT BRITISH POUNDS).

Both Jack and Dom are experts in their field and really show us why trainer culture is such an important part of the fashion and creative infrastructure the world over and why Manchester deserves to have such a unique and important business hidden in the heart of the city.

We find out their first experiences reselling trainers, how they spot fakes, and get to have a look at some of rarest and most expensive items in their shop…



Thirty Pound Gentleman