TJ Dolan: Graffiti Artist Turned Classic Car Dealer via a Heavy Stint in Prison | The Grind

TJ Dolan aka Krek shows us round his lockup full of vintage cars and he tells us how a judge gave him 3 years prison time because of his art.

By Manchester's Finest | 14 November 2020

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In this episode of The Grind we meet TJ Dolan of Dolan Classics, a Graffiti artist turned classic car dealer who is giving off pure “Lock-Stock” energy from his car lot stashed behind a derelict pub somewhere in Cheshire… it’s kinda Guy Ritchie-esque.

The mash up of classic and modern culture is a sick mix. TJ wearing Nike Air Vapor Max whilst driving a 50 year old Roll Royce is a sight!

All the cliché gangster stuff is in abundance probably because TJ is an artist who also did some hard prison time, his only true crime being art in the extreme.  We break down the essential parts of what it’s like to run a classic car business and how the world is quickly changing, running towards a clean energy, petrol free car of the future, and of course the money part.

Jaguar, Roller, Porsche, and the ancient cop car! Enjoy…


Dolan Classics

Thirty Pound Gentleman