Twenty Twenty Two are making Hump Day a whole lot better with £15 Prosecco

Prosecco Darling? I can almost guarantee the answer is "yes!"

By Alex Watson | 3 September 2019

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Do you remember the threat of the Prosecco drought around 2 years ago? They thought they were going to run out of Prosecco, prices would skyrocket and the trend would just fall apart. How wrong they were.

Nowadays, a bar or restaurant isn’t worth going to if it doesn’t have Prosecco on the menu because we all have that one mate who ONLY drinks Prosecco.

And that includes ping pong bars. Luckily, Twenty Twenty Two know just this.

They’ve created their Prosecco Wednesdays. So you can feel dead class while you get competitive.

If you have champagne taste buds and lemonade pockets, Twenty Twenty Two has got just the night for you. The Prosecco Daring? night starts with just £15 bottles of Prosecco EVERY Wednesday.

That’s not it though, they’ve also got £5 cocktails. It’s a crowd pleaser and perfect for the whole group for a midweek chill out after work and to help you get through the week.


Twenty Twenty Two, 20 Dale St, Manchester M1 1EZ
0161 237 9360