Our 6 Favourite Long Reads for Isolation this Week

Including PG Tips, Green Monsters, Jack the Ripper and the history of Manchester's street names.

By Manchester's Finest | 14 April 2020

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Myths of Manchester: Jack the Ripper was from Ashton

Ben Brown
Well this one comes as a bit of a surprise. Jack the Ripper, the geezer who killed 5 women in London in 1888 was in fact a poet who grew up in Ashton. Well, that’s what is proposed in a book, which BB decided to read and question the claims. Was he? Perhaps so yes.

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Luke Passey; Gifts for the Northern Quarter

Richard Morris
You’ll have likely seen his art all around the Northern Quarter (before lockdown) and so Finest’s resident art expert Richard Morris went to speak to Luke Passey about where he came from, where he’s going and all of the influences behind his electric street art.

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PG Tips: A Proper Mancunian Brew

Alex Watson
Did you know that PG Tips was from Manchester? Nah, me neither. But it was, and this article proves it. Read all about how the country’s most famous cuppa started, how it grew and all about that family of chimps who just loved a brew and were always seemingly moving pianos or doing the washing up.

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Cheap, Cheesy & Green Monsters – We Remember The BOP at Owens Park

Ben Brown
A look back at one of the city’s most iconic and infamous student nights – The Bop at Owen’s Park Tower. In what became a true Manchester institution, The Bop was a mucky, cheap night of epic proportions and one that most people who were students in Manchester have some seriously fond memories of. Here BB looks at where it came from, what it was like and what actually happened to it.

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Sammy’s: The Art of Hospitality

Daisy Miles
Daisy went down to stunning local bar Sammy’s to talk to its owner (Sammy) about ‘The Art of Hospitality’ – uncovering just what makes the place so unique and one of Manchester’s most interesting and dynamic hidden gems. A unique insight into how to position your venue and what it means to call yourself a ‘regular’.

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Exploring the Historic Street Names of Manchester

Kat Lee
Here Kat decided to look at the history and stories behind many of the city’s street names. The likes of Anita Street, Balloon Street and even Coronation Street are delved in to, uncovering some really interesting tidbits about the city.