A Week at… Electrik

Including £5 unlimited pizzas, a quiz and bingo mash-up and DJ nights all at this friendly neighbourhood bar.

By Alex Watson | 21 February 2020

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Monday: £5 pizzas

The only way to make the worst day of the week better is obviously pizza. And then the only way to make that even better is by making that pizza only a fiver. It’s a win-win.

Tuesday: Quingo

Pub quizzes have been around for literally decades but they have definitely seen a resurgence in recent years. Usually, involve a theme, whether that be one entirely based on a Netflix series or the fabulous invention of QUINGO. It’s a mix of bingo and a quiz so you really get the best of both worlds. Each month there’s also a very special edition, there’s been Stranger Things, Father Ted, Christmas Movies and plenty more. So keep an eye out for your favourite programme. I’d like to point out the perfect pub quiz snack at this point too, the pizza doughnut. Don’t question it, just eat it.


Wednesday: Pizza Giro / One Deck Wednesday’s

With everything that I said for Monday’s only being made better with pizza, how about a hump day with UNLIMITED PIZZA. Now you’re bloody talking. Pizza Giro is a bloody lovely invention which sees paddles of pizza circling the room and questions how many slices you can stomach in a couple of hours. It truly is fantastic. There’s also the delight that is One Deck Wednesday which regularly features celebs on the decks playing all their favourite tunes.


Thursday: Vegan Pizza Giro

Exactly as before – but VEGAN.


The pizza doughnuts I was talking about…

Friday: Kids Eat Free

If you’ve got a few little sprogs, chances are you live out in the burbs and chances are pretty high that you might even live in the south of Manchester like how most people want to. Now I don’t have kids, pets or even a younger sibling to so I struggle to understand a life where a human is completely dependent on me but what I can imagine is your ears pricked up when I said kids eat FREE – amirite?!


Saturday: Pizza Board for £10

Come on now, you’re getting the gist right?? Electrik is the place for P.I.Z.Z.A.

Sunday: Sunday Roast

Except not on Sundays. On Sundays, we eat roasts. And more specifically we eat roasts at Electrik. They’ve earnt a jolly good reputation for it too. They don’t just do roasts like you can get anywhere either, these roasts are meant to be shared. And before you scream ‘Joey doesn’t share food’ in my face – think of it this way, you get a little bit of everything. And now that is a winner.


AND maybe one day you can’t even be bothered putting your socks on, maybe you’re hungover, maybe the latest Storm Sandra has overtaken everything outside – whatever the reason – Electrik is available on Deliveroo. So every day can be an Electrik Day. Thank me later.


A Week @ Electrik


Electrik Bar, 559 Wilbraham Rd, Manchester M21 0AE
0161 881 3315