Are Manchester's Squares & Streets set to become Beer Gardens?

Great news for everyone who loves a pint in a beer garden, we're about to have plenty!!

By Alex Watson | Last updated 9 June 2020

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Picture this, you’re on your happy holidays in a European city, there’s a nice square with a patch of sun and hundreds of seats to choose from.

Some of the best memories of a holiday are al fresco life and it’s no wonder we all pile to the small patches of outdoor seating that the city does have as soon as there’s a glimmer of sun.

Currently, the council are in talks of opening up the streets and squares of Manchester into large open dining and drinks spots to kickstart ‘recovery and reinvention’ of the city centre.

The idea comes based on the government’s hints that bars, pubs and restaurants with outdoor seating will be able to reopen as early as June 22nd as they will be better equipped at dealing with social distancing.

Areas that are currently being looked into include the Northern Quarter, the Gay Village and the now pedestrianised stretch of Deansgate.

The government is yet to release guidelines on the reopening of restaurants and bars but it’s likely we’re going to see massive changes to the old norm.

Whether that be social distancing measures, sanitiser spots, virtual menus, pre-ordering and there have even been reports that pints will now be served in steins to reduce the interaction of the public with the staff.

Currently, to trade outside, establishments must have three types of permits; planning permission, premises license and a tables and chairs license. 

Many reports are explaining that the government will not only be relaxing these measures but giving more power to local authorities to allow for outdoor space expansion.

Manchester council planning teams are working on the adaptation of the table and chairs license and increasing the speed at which this can be processed in order for venues to take advantage of the summer months. 

Sacha Lord, Manchester’s night time advisor, has offered much support to the idea of pedestrianising parts of the city centre to allow for maximisation of space for bars and restaurants.

Of course, all of this does require the reproduction rate of coronavirus, R, to be much lower than it currently stands.

But most people seem pretty chuffed with the prospects of a more pedestrianised area of the city centre. What do you think? Let us know in the Facebook comments.