Around the World in 80 Clicks: The Best Virtual Tours on Earth

You can travel around the world from the comfort of your sofa with these virtual tours...

By Alex Watson | April 3rd '20

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 Ultimate Guide to Machu Picchu: Everything You Need To Know | kimkim Machu Picchu If you can say you don’t want to go here, you’re lying. It looks absolutely mind-blowing and is without a doubt top of my list of places to go. There’s a pretty hefty trek required though, including stops to help you get used to the altitude. It’s not for the faint-hearted so why not opt for some 360 virtual views instead? Take Tour
Deep in the oceans, human activities are taking a toll | Ensia Deep in the Oceans Even if we weren’t in quarantine the chances of you doing this are pretty slim. So get your headphones on because the lord that is David Attenborough is taking you through the deepest darkest depths of the ocean showing all the creepy looking things that live down there. Take Tour   Old Trafford - Wikipedia The Beautiful Game Like many Mancunians, you’re probably missing out on the footie. Well fear no more, how about a tour of the best football stadiums in the world? Obviously Old Trafford makes it on the list too. Take Tour   Vatican readies contingency plan against coronavirus in busy papal ... The Vatican Digital Tour One of few on this list I’ve actually been to. This place is breathtaking. The Sistine Chapel will have you wondering if you’re actually religious after all. Then you get outside and realise of course you’re not. It’s pretty bloody amazing though. Take Tour   Underwater Loudspeakers are Making Fish Flock Back to Coral Reefs Coral Reef This one celebrates the International Year of the Reef (I’m not acutally sure when that was) BUT you get to see loads of coral reefs, understand how they form and the global threats. Take Tour  
Louvre Creates Guided Tour Based on Beyonce, Jay-Z's 'Apeshit ...

I don't think they will be in the virtual tour.

The Louvre If art is your thing, or maybe you wanna see where Beyonce and Jay Z stood in their video, head to The Louvre. I don’t really particularly ‘get’ art so I’ve never bothered to pay the admission fee to get in here. I imagine it’s amazing. But if you’ve ever been to Paris you’ll know how bloody long the queues are. Take Tour   Reading the ABCs from Space Reading the ABCs from space Another Google Earth special that will probably be mega for kids. Using lakes, coral reefs and all sorts of other natural geographies that form the letters of the full English alphabet. Take Tour   The Classroom — The National Museum of Computing The National Museum of Computing In the interest of keeping this completely culturally balanced, why not head to Milton Keynes’ National Museum of Computing? It houses the largest collection of working historic computers. Probs best not to use the landline in here though. Take Tour   Georgia Aquarium | Travel + Leisure | Travel + Leisure Georgia Aquarium Things in America are just so big aren’t they? It’s so annoying. You can see actual real-life wales on the webcams from the Georgia Aquarium which just makes me so jealous because whales are the best animal in the world. It’s absolutely mega and I have no idea why you wouldn’t wanna watch this. Get it on your TV and just wait for a glimpse of the whale it’s fantastic viewing. There’s probably a drinking game in there somewhere to Take Tour   Are You Afraid of the Park? Ghosts, Conspiracies and Other Weird ... Central Park Why not use your daily allowed hour of exercise for a walk around Central Park? I’m kidding obviously. But you can watch this and have a full tour of the green masterpiece. Take Tour   US to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital - BBC News 360 Virtual Day Tour of Jerusalem If you wanna make yourself jealous of some blue skies and glorious sunshine while having a lesson in religion pull up a pew and get involved with this tour. Take Tour