Become the next 'Big Thing' at Manchester's New DJ Academy!

Think of it like a 'School of Rock' but with decks and mixing...

By Manchester's Finest | 17 August 2020

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Credit: Krys Amon / Unsplash

To an ignorant savage like me, DJing is easy peasy. All you need to do is mix a couple of songs together, hold your headphones to your ear and shout “Oggy Oggy Oggy” every 25 minutes. Simple.

Of course, I know absolutely nothing. DJing is an art – something that you can’t just pick up in your bedroom like Daniel Beddingfield – something that takes practice, skill and that extra intuition that can read a room and shape your set.

Well, if you’ve always fancied being a DJ, or perhaps need more advice on taking a hobby to the next level – Manchester now has a DJ ACADEMY!

You can take sessions such as ‘Introduction to DJing for Beginners‘, ‘Beatmatching Masterclasses‘ and even a ‘Crash Course‘ over 12 hours – learning the basics of DJing and more.

The Academy is headed up by Jini Cowan, a DJ and Producer who’s been running her own record label since 2016. Through her academy you can learn all the skills you need and even hire out the venue so that you can record your own live streams and practice.

It’s nowhere near as easy as I think it is – so if you’re looking to get into the DJing game – this might be the perfect place to start…

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