Best Things We Ate and Drank this Week: 14th September - 20th September

We've eaten like kings (and queens) this week, lets just say we're getting ready for the winter hibernation.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 9 October 2019

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Grilled Malt Barley Sourdough + Sweet Onion Butter
Wolf At The Door
So good that I wrote a full article on it – this is bread and butter at it’s absolute finest and certainly perked me up on a dreary Tuesday evening. I can’t recommend it enough – just get yourself in Wolf, grab a pint and tuck in. Thank you cards can be sent through to Ben Brown c/o Manchester’s Finest, 22 Lever Street, M1 1EA. – Ben Brown


Negro de Calamares con Gamba
La Bandera
I think it might be finally the time to wave goodbye to summer, unfortunately. But if like me you’re missing the sun beaming down and sand in your toes, this dish is the perfect taste of summer at La Bandera. So if you’ve got a good imagination, you can at least pretend you’re by the sea. Served in a massive cast iron skillet, this risotto dish is made with squid ink to give the rice the deep black colour and filled with fresh squid slices and king prawns. Perfectly seasoned and surprisingly not as fishy as it sounds this dish is perfect for sharing. – Ellie Edginton


Mojito Royale
Revolucion de Cuba
Everybody’s favourite slice of Cuban and Caribbean life, Revs serve up possibly the best Mojito in town. The new Origins of Rum menu, of course, includes a Mojito. This one, served with Plantation 3 Stars Rum all the way from Jamaica a sweet rum is combined with peach schnapps and apple juice and the usual mint, lime and sugar. Then, arguably the best thing about this Moijto, its topped with the heavenly bubbles, Prosecco. Say no more, get down and try this. I promise one won’t be enough. – India Morris


Portobello Pizza
I’m not sure what I can say that hasn’t already been said about Rudy’s pizza, I mean they’re literally voted 10th best in the world. It’s one of only 3 in the UK that even made the top 50 list. So one thing you know when you queue for a Rudy’s is it is definitely going the be good. In my opinion, the thinner the pizza the better I don’t want any stuffed crust deep pan crap – the soggier in the middle the better. – Alex Watson


Christmas Dinner (with all the trimmings)
Randall & Aubin
I know what you’re thinking. Christmas dinner in September?! Well, yes. And I’m not even sorry. We headed down to Randall & Aubin this week to take some pictures with celebrity chef and all-round bloody good bloke Ed Baines and he cooked a full Christmas Dinner and it was glorious. The turkey was gorgeous but my favourite bit was (surprisingly) the sprouts. He’d cooked them with chestnuts. Genius. – Ben Brown


Pork Belly
The Refuge
The Refuge’s take on pork and apple that is absolutely to die for. The melt in the mouth pork belly is incredibly soft with an amazingly crunchy crackling. There’s just enough sweetness from the Granny Smith apple, cinnamon and star anise sauce and a delicious crunchy carrot and spring onion topping. Simply terrific. – Joe Wilson


Pizza Doughnuts
If you’ve never heard of the pizza doughnuts from Electrik I don’t where you’ve been. These little pillow shaped dough-delights are the most moreish thing in the world. Topped with lashings of marinara sauce, pesto mayo and parmesan cheese, it’s a bowl of food you won’t ever want to end. It was the perfect snack to go alongside my frosty pint in the beer garden out front. – Charlotte Warrior