Best Things We Ate and Drank This Week: 21st - 27th September 2019

It's finally pay day so we went OUT this week...

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 9 October 2019

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O Josephine White Wine
Wolf At The Door
Last night Wolf At The Door hosted a FREE wine tasting event and I made absolutely certain that I did not miss out. This one was my favourite purely because of the back story of the wine. Coming from a one-woman vinyard, this wine hopes to leave as little on the land as possible. Tending to the vines by hand, there’s a strong connection to the land and the wine is made without any sulphur or filtration, just natural local flowers and honey. Not only does it taste good, it does good. My kind of wine.  – Ellie Edginton


Club Sandwich
Black Dog Ballroom
Easily the best thing about this sandwich is the sheer freakin size of it. It’s basically half a loaf of bread absolutely packed full of succulent chicken, lettuce, tomato and plenty of mustard mayo. Also, the second-best thing (and it was pretty difficult to decide which was gonna take the top spot) is the fact this is only a FIVER on the lunch deal. Bargain of the century.  – Charlotte Warrior

Jackfruit & Blackbean Chilli
I’m not vegan, in fact I’m nowhere near but Vertigo might just sway me. At least to have a few meat-less dishes anyway. A massive bowl of jackfruit and blackbeen chilli, with fluffy rice and quinoa, guacamole, a handful of crunchy tortillas and plenty of sourcream and chilli slices. Massively filling and jackfruit is now my favourite meat alternative.  – James Barker 

Avocado on Toast
Had the pleasure of getting down the BLOK this weekend to try out one of the classes. After a momentary DEATH, we were then treated to some brunch. I can’t tell you how much this was needed after the best workout I’ve ever done. Avocado on toast is so simple but so easy to mess up. Bistrotheque absolutely smashed (ehhhh) it with the perfect amount of heat from chill drizzled on the top, an effortlessly perfect poached egg and I later added the crunchiest bacon perhaps in the world. – Alex Watson 

Rump of Lamb with apricot and sage beer
Marble Arch
Anyone who knows me knows I am obsessed with The Marble Arch pub. The interior, the beers and the food are all excellent and I feel like not enough people are aware of this. So here I am, to make your lives a little bit better. I visited on a rainy Thursday afternoon for a little bit of pub goodness and some lamb rump with lamb faggot, potato terrine, braised red cabbage and lamb jus. They recommended I try the apricot and sage beer to wash it down with and it was literally a dream combination. Go for a pint, go for lunch, go for dinner. You all must go immediately. – India Morris 

Sucuklu Yumurta 
I’ve recently discovered the perfect Turkish breakfast down on Deansgate at none other than Kai. There’s one word that springs to mind with this dish: FIT. I’d leave it at that but I think you might wanna know a bit more about it… amazingly seasoned sausage so good you never want it to end, big juicy poached eggs served with the fluffiest bread ever. Perfect to dip and scran this dish is truly amazing and a must-try for everyone. – Jake Hardy