The Best Things we Ate and Drank This Week: 23rd - 30th November

We're off out on our Christmas do today which will comprise of eating, drinking and more eating- so expect everything on next week's best dishes to be from then. But until then, here's what we gobbled last week...

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 3 December 2018

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Winter Spiced Margarita
Crazy Pedro’s
Nipping into Pedro’s for a quick Tuesday night snifter, I was tempted by their cocktail special- a winter spiced margarita. Looks like someone has been listening to my prayers and created a drink that is both a nostalgic reminder of summer and a heart-warming taste of winter. It isn’t anything complicated or anything- just their usual iced margarita with a liberal dose of Angostura liquor on top- but the results are fantastic. I’ll take ten please. – Kate Tighe


Gyro Pizza
I have to admit that when I heard Yadda Yadda was leaving Electrik, I was a bit miffed and had a bit of a tantrum. I was told even better things were going to come but I didn’t believe anyone. Dragged kicking and screaming down on Wednesday night, however, I was instantly soothed by the new food offering – Gyro Pizza. Electrik is now serving all-you-can-eat pizza for just a tenner, and its good – like really good. I am a self-proclaimed pizza snob, but I was blown away by the delicious, chewy, crispy, salty dough and the array of beautiful toppings. Yadda Yadda who? – Kate Tighe


Pheasant Pie
The Creameries
Trying to choose my favourite bit of food from my visit to The Creameries this week is kind of like that film Sophie’s Choice. But harder. We went down to check out their fantastic new Christmas Menu and over an evening of fine wine and fine company I was treated to a barrage of amazingly brilliant dishes from Mary-Ellen. If I just HAD to choose one I’d go for the bread and whipped butter, but I can’t choose bread and butter here so I’d say the Pheasant Pie. It was glorious. – Ben Brown


Cheeky Vimto
Bunny Jackson’s
I really don’t care if people think I’m a rotten little scum bag for ordering and enjoying this on Saturday – it was amazing. And still is. Although not technically called a Cheeky Vimto on the menu, Bunny Jackson’s offer the perfect blend of Blue WKD & Port in their Bunny Boiler menu and during Happy Hour they’re only £5! Just go out and get one. I know you wanna. – Ben Brown


Cod Cheeks
La Bandera
I have always been a lover of fish, more so than meat therefore I was super excited to be down at La Bandera trying their cod cheeks dish! The cod cheeks were marinated in a typical Canarian sauce and served with sweet peppers, it was displayed beautifully and I couldn’t wait to dig in! The fish was so tender and light, and full of so much flavour, the home made sweet marinade sauce was so rich and tasty it worked perfectly combined with the fish, partnered with a glass of white wine it was divine! – Ellie Edginton


The Tonkostu
Cocktail Beer Ramen + Bun
Northern Quarter’s new Late Night Ramen Bar has now opened, so of course I couldn’t wait to go and check it out! I went for their signature tonkotsu pork broth, served with xo sauce, double charsu pork belly, mayu sesame oil, spring onions, soft boiled egg, and a little crackling on top! The dish is served so beautifully and was so colourful, so many different combinations of flavours put together and it worked so well! The broth itself was so rich and the pork belly was cooked to perfection, the little extra touch of crackling on top finished it off just right, cant wait to get back and try more of their dishes! – Ellie Edginton