Best Things We Ate and Drank This Week: 4th - 10th January 2020

Including Flat Iron Steak Kebabs, Thali, Mexican Cola and of course, Hooch.

By Manchester's Finest | 10 January 2020

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Flat Iron Steak Kebab
This new kebab at BAB is an absolute beauty. Not only does it feature some perfectly seared and tender steak but there’s whipped blue cheese on there – which manages to elevate this creation into the upper echelons of pure pleasure. Add little balsamic onions, walnuts and a beetroot puree and you’re in kebab heaven, trust me. – Rikki Chan


Crazy Pedro’s
Okay so this is just a normal bit of Hooch. We’ve all had it – it’s that brilliant alcoholic lemonade that we all got pissed on when we were 14 and down the park. Well it’s back and Crazy Pedro’s have got their very own can. The insides are exactly the same but I think it tastes a tiny bit better knowing that it’s coming from a tin with Pedro’s little face on it. – Ben Brown


Jarritos Mexican Cola
Listo Burrito
Changos Burrito have changed their name. They still offer the same amazing burritos though – so panic over! Whilst in there this week grabbing some images of their January 3lb burrito I spied a true gem – especially for a soda aficionado like myself. Jarritos are the Mexican equivalent to all of your favourite fizzy drinks and this Mexican Cola version is spectacular. Sure, it’s sugary and you’ll probably need 3 fillings after drinking a bottle but who cares when it tastes this good? Not me. – Ben Brown


Roast Cauliflower
Wolf at the Door
There are a lot of MEGA dishes at Wolf at the Door – I mean I sometimes go to sleep thinking about their BBQ Lamb Skewers – knowing that my pillow will be drenched in drool by morning. This Roast Cauliflower is a winner too – a vegetarian delight which will make you not even want to bother with meat any more. It comes caked in a fantastic pumpkin seed butter and is topped with puffed buckwheat and is amazing. – Steven Pankhurst


Lily’s Vegetarian
From local takeaway to an award-winning dining destination, Lily’s Indian Vegetarian Cuisine celebrated their 1st Year Anniversary in their new home last night! With a joyous birthday party, Lily’s served their famous Thursday Thali for just £10pp. With waiters offering dish after dish, the unlimited Thali did not disappoint. – Ciara Martin


Mushroom Risotto
The Bay Horse Tavern
One for all you vegetarians out there, this is absolutely banging and has Jale Hardy’s Seal of Approval™. – Jale Hardy