Best Things to do in Manchester this week: 16th - 22nd November 2019

Including... Lightopia, Liam Gallagher, Kate Bush and the end of the world.

By Ben Brown | November 15th '19

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Manchester Print Fair @ Manchester Cathedral Saturday 16th November The girl above (who looks like Amy Pond from Doctor Who) is picking up a lovely print at one of Manchester's previous Print Fairs. She went on to buy that particular print, take it home and popped it into a lovely IKEA frame that she bought for £5. The print lay leaning against the wall in her dining room until one evening, while having dinner with her boyfriend, he pushed his chair back too far and cracked the glass. Furious, she flipped the table, kicked him out of the house and now lives a lonely life with 6 cats and a budgie. Moral of the story - don't buy that print. I think it's cursed. More Info   Through The Wall Saturday 16th November Wilderness Record Store is expanding. They're breaking through a wall to make more space for seating, space to put records and most importantly, more room for their live acts. Much like the fall of the Berlin Wall, they'll be seeing their (more important?) division off with a massive party featuring a host of live acts both in the store and at Fuel Cafe across the road. If you lift your eyes a couple of inches higher to the image above, you'll see just who exactly they've got on. More Info   Liam Gallagher (+ pre-party) Wednesday 20th November Liam is in town and he'll be smashing Manchester Arena on Wednesday night with a load of his new hits and probably a LOT of Oasis. There's also a pre-party at The Pen & Pencil beforehand with Clint Boon on the decks and money off food with your ticket. Bring your Gazelles and Parka. More Info   Wuthering Heights: A Kate Bush Disco @ The Deaf Institute Friday 22nd November Friday is turning out to be the busiest night ever, but if you've got a brain in that melon on top of your neck then the most logical choice of something 'to do' is this: a Kate Bush Disco at The Deaf Institute. There'll be hundreds of Kate Bush fans all dolled up, singing, dancing and generally having a bloody good time. Get dressed up and join them. In the meantime - this to this... Buy Tickets   Lightopia @ Heaton Park From Friday 22nd November A vast proportion of Manchester are going to turn into massive moths this week as Lightopia opens up in Heaton Park with some really pretty lights and colours. There are six different 'areas', each one with a different theme to the light installations. Of course, with this being Manchester there's a bee one, but also hopefully a 'Spice' one, a 'crammed on a Metrolink at 8.45am' one and of course the 'I've just slept in a ditch in Miles Platting' one. More Info & Tickets   2084 From Friday 22nd November This week sees the Central Library transform into an immersive journey inspired by George Orwell's dystopian classic - 1984. This theatre production takes the audience inside a totalitarian state (I thought we were already in one? SATIRE!) where every act, word and thought is tracked, analysed and influenced. Designed specifically for the space in the Central Library, this should be an exciting and innovative experience - that'll hopefully make you think twice about putting that next Instagram post up. Buy Tickets   Ghosts Of Garage: The Novembah Selectah @ Ziggy Sixx Friday 22nd November As a man with his finger very firmly on the pulse of what's cool and what's not in the city, I of course know everything there is to know about this 'thing to do'. The one surprise though came when I casually (just to double check of course) Googled Ziggy Sixx and realised that it's the new name for what was once The Ram & Shackle - Fallowfield's most brilliant pub/club/drinking den. This Friday sees the brilliant Metrodome bang out a 3-hour set alongside Rich Reason. Tickets are only a quid! Buy Tickets