Best Things to do in Manchester this week: 22nd - 28th February...

Ben Brown usually does this, but he's off on his jollies. Fear not, plan-less people of Manchester! As long as there are still things to be done, there will always be a 'things to do' every week. The show must go on.

By Manchester's Finest | February 21st '20

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National Walking the Dog Day Saturday 22nd February Not the most solemn or prestigious of national holidays, but still makes my top 5. I don't even have a dog. MeadowSide Manchester is organizing a mass-dog-walk this Saturday, 9am - 12pm, inviting dogs, owners (or voyeurs such as myself) to Angel Meadow Park - the city's largest central green space. They're even offering a free professional photoshoot if you have a super-model dog like our Stella. (Ugly dogs will also receive love and photos. You matter too.) Swan Song coffee will feature as a pop-up stall, alongside Vegan Poochy Treats, because that's a thing now. Find Out More Manchester's Sustainable Fashion Party Saturday 29th February I'm sure by now we all know how terrible fast-fashion is for the environment, 1 billion tonnes of clothing ends up in the bin every 3 years. How many times have you niped out on your lunch and bought something you don't need and don't want and actually, will never, ever, wear? The answer, like for most people, is probably a lot. Well if you're looking to switch up your habits and help to save the planet, learn how to support better practisce and contribute to conscious consumption at this event put on by 'AllyPally Vintage' founder, Alison Carlin. There will be music, talks and plenty of like-minded people - so get involved and DO YOUR BIT! Buy Tickets   Supernature on Sunday Sunday 23rd February Day drinking is like the naughty little cousin of just regular night-drinking. Seems so wrong, but feels so right. Supernature's Sunday seshes are back for 2020: for those daredevils who don't play by the rules (but also break into a light sweat at the thought of a Monday-office-hangover). Manchester legend Luke Unabomber will join Supernature's regular faces for a free-entry soul showdown. It's at Kable Club, which I haven't been to, but I skimmed the reviews for some intel. It checks out pretty well at a 4.5 stars average, although user 'Symon Jackiw' said: "no lasers ðŸ˜Â." Sorry Symon. Maybe sit this one out, mate. Buy Tickets
Toni Morrison: The Pieces I am Monday 24th February Ms. Toni Morrison is icon defined. Just before she passed last summer, she had been working on a documentary examining her own life and career. This documentary, The Pieces I am, is set for release on 6th March - however, Cultureplex have organised a very special preview evening, including tributes/readings by special guests from Leeds Young Authors, Birds Eye View and Make A Scene Film Club. If you're not yet a die-hard Morrison fan, go and get inspired. I doubt I even have to tell already-existing superfans to attend - this type of event doesn't come around twice. Buy Tickets   Food & Beer Pairing with Young Master Brewery Tuesday 25th February This isn't the 80s Jackie Chan movie - at the risk of causing offence, it's even better. The Marble Arch Inn have teamed up with the owners of Hong Kong's biggest craft beer brewhouse for a special 5-course, 5-beer evening. I'm a massive fan of both beer, and, asian-inspired food; I'm not-so-secretly hoping this becomes a regular event (is anyone from Marble Arch reading this?). But for now, it's a one-off you can not (and should not) miss. Or stay indoors watching 40 year old kung-fu movies. Your choice. Buy Tickets   A League Of Gentlemen QUINGO Tuesday 25th February Hokey-cokey, pig in a pokey! The League of Gentlemen tends to divide people, marmite-style. Its often how I'll open a conversation, in order to work out if there's any point continuing getting to know that person. Of course, I immediately stop if they're not a fan. Thankfully, I have all the time in the world for whoever at Electrik decided to do a TLoG edition of QUINGO. Go test your trivia knowledge, test your luck, and make sure you try some of their gorgeous pizzas. It's the best fun a person can possibly have on a Tuesday night. You'll never leave! Find Out More   Craft Beer Bingo Wednesday 26th February Busy on Tuesday, but have a severe bingo addiction that must be fed to avoid sudden death? If you didn't make it to yesterdays QUINGO (what a loser) you can still get your bingo-fix at Beatnikz. The magical, mysterious Wizard King will be your host for the night, casting spells and tootling the odd tune (I mean it - it's quite odd). Joining everyone's favourite wizard, will be Salt Beer Factory. They'll be having a bit of a takeover on the taps if you fancy trying any of their pales, helles, and all the hops inbetween. Who is this event for? Not sure, really. But if you like wizards and craft beer, this is definitely a great place to start. Find Out More   From Passion to Brand Thursday 27th February The Feel Good Club have organised an evening of talks, Q&As, exercises and complementary Shindigger beers. At Work.Life Manchester, join Hannah Anderson of Social Chain, and Samantha McGowan of #SamSays personal training, to get advice from the success stories on building your passion into a brand. You’ll hear Feel Good Club's story of how a bad experience with mental health, coupled with a passion for helping people feel good, and a whole lot of risk taking, turned into a business as well as growing their Instagram following to over 17k. And how they did it with £0 marketing spend. Okay, I'm listening, ladies... Buy Tickets   A Night of Hilary Duff Friday 28th February I'm not certain what else Hilary Duff did except Lizzie Mcguire - probably a lot that's gone straight under my radar, considering that The Deaf Institute are throwing a 'do completely dedicated to the child-star. For all of you who think the 'Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging' era was your peak, revisit those problem-free 00s days on Friday 28th. You can't actually go back in time, but if we all drink together and imagine really hard, that'll do nicely. Get your 3/4 lengths out, we're going to the year 2000. Buy Tickets