Best Things to do in Manchester this week: 7th - 13th December 2019

Including Slowthai, Dolph Lundgren, The Grinch, Gingerbread & Female Trouble!

By Ben Brown | December 6th '19

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Highsnobiety & The Warehouse Project Present: Fredo, Slowthai Saturday 7th December Now, this is a pretty big deal over at the Depot. Slowthai will be there. Mike Skinner will be there. Even Ben Brown will be there. The thing is - it's not just a 'normal' night out this one - it's being preceded by a proper bit of art in the form of an exhibition of rave UK rave culture - put on by the Saatchi gallery itself. There are contributions from Jon Shard, Conrad Shawcross and Brian Cannon and there's even a picture with my mate Annie Lund in it. Lovely stuff. Buy Tickets   For the Love of Sci-Fi Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th December Let’s not beat about the bush here. This weekend sees quite possibly the best line-up of movie stars EVER - and I want to bloody meet them! So, there's Peter Weller (who played fucking Robocop), there's Jon Bernthal, there's Dolph Lundgren (who is hopefully going to hang dong), Ron Perlman, Natalia Dyer & Charlie Heaton (from Stranger Things), Karl Urban, Danny Glover, Brian Blessed, Sam Jones, Ray Park, Al Leong... need I continue!? This is the greatest concentration of absolute legends EVER. Be there. Buy Tickets   Remake Remodel 9th Birthday Bash Saturday 7th December It's a MASSIVE 9 years since Remake Remodel started and as a result, they're having a bloody big celebration this week. There will be FREE cake, a FREE glass of booze on arrival and FREE psychedelic party hats. There’ll also be LOADS of top tunes too - as always. Buy Tickets   Anthony Joshua V Andy Ruiz Saturday 7th December It's the fight of the century (again) as Anthony Joshua faces up to what can only be described as a potato. The twist though is that last time the potato actually won! Andy Ruiz surprised us all by battering the shit out of Joshua - very much like Rocky II but with a bit more blubber and a lot less finesse. Watch it Dive in the NQ and you'll be loving it. More Info   The Bodyguard @ Palace Theatre From Tuesday 10th December Alexandra Burke has made a great career for herself since winning X Factor all those years ago. Once she'd smashed out the album for Simon Cowell, she then moved onto working on the checkouts at Tesco, then graduated to a full-time position at ALDI earning £9.45 an hour. She's now gone one further and started grafting on stage over at the Palace in this new production of The Bodyguard - the story of Whitney Houston falling in love with Kevin Costner. Expect lots of songs and some limited dancing. Buy Tickets   How The Grinch Stole Christmas @ The Lowry From Tuesday 10th December How The Grinch Stole Christmas. It was Christmas Eve and it was raining outside. The Grinch popped his hoodie on and stepped foot outside his flat, heading to the house down the end of his road. When he got there, it wasn't long until he managed to pry open one of the windows and slide his way inside. Avoiding making any noise, he made his way to the Christmas Tree - all lit up and inviting. As he carefully placed all of the presents into his bin bag, a little grin formed on his face - safe in the knowledge that he'd ruined Christmas for all. That my friends is how the Grinch stole Christmas. The bugger. Buy Tickets   The Libertines @ Victoria Warehouse Tuesday 10th December Oh look. The Libertines are back. Even though Pete Doherty looks absolutely terrible, the rest of the lads look fantastic and they're getting ready for a massive night over at Victoria Warehouse this week. I doubt those old military jackets still fit 'em but they’ll still put on a good show. I promise. Buy Tickets   Gingerbread House Competition @ BAB Wednesday 11th December If I was going to design the most Christmas-sy event ever - it would be this one. Head on over to BAB, walk up those 5 steps, sit down and be prepared for a gingerbread house extravaganza. It's a competition this one so you might have to do some sly demolition on your way to the toilets - a bit of sabotage so that you end up winning the grand prize. I don't know how hard it is to build a gingerbread house but I expect it to be a LOT of fun. Buy Tickets   Dakota x Manchester Gin - Gourmet & Gin Evening Wednesday 11th December This Wednesday sees Dakota Hotel team up with Manchester Gin to bring us all a night of food and err... gin (obviously). On the menu is Duck & Pistachio, Lobster Tortellini and Venison, all expertly paired with gin from one of the city's premier distillers. Basically, it's an indulgent evening of great food and lots of booze - what's not to like!? Book A Table   General Election Thursday 12th December Once again, the people of Britain are heading to the polls for another election. Who to vote for?! That one geezer who's a liar, or the other geezer who's a liar? Decisions, decisions. Whoever you decide to vote for - don't worry - I won't judge you. Just go out and vote. x   Make A Scene Film Club - Female Trouble Friday 13th December Make A Scene have found a home in Cultureplex and I'm not going to lie - it's brilliant. Especially when they show such classics as Female Trouble, a John Waters masterpiece starring Divine (post dog shit eating). The Google blurb for this film is phenomenal - "An obese woman (Divine) gives birth to an obnoxious child and embarks upon a bizarre and violent life of crime." Mega. Buy Tickets