Bottomless Beer, Wings and Free Gaming at Shack Every Thursday

What could be better than bottomless booze and wings? If it came with FREE gaming, too!

By Emma Davidson | Last updated 29 March 2022

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Thursday’s are a weird day in the week, aren’t they? For some reason, I always think it’s a good day to go out and get a bit merry after work. 

My thinking is that there’s only one day between Thursday and the weekend, so if I do stroll into the office at 11am, armed with an iced coffee and a banging headache, I know that I’ve only got a mere 8 hours between me and Saturday. 

To lure you into Thursday night drinking even more, Shack in Northern Quarter have announced that from 5pm every Thursday you can get 2 hours of UNLIMITED BEERS & WINGS, alongside FREE GAMING all for just 30 quid! Bargain. 

The beers you can choose from are Coors Light, Shack Fruit Cider, Amstel or a Red Stripe and you can get either Plain, BBQ, Buffalo, Korean BBQ, Chilli & Mango or the ‘Death Sauce’ wings, that are super spicy and will no doubt leave you craving a nice pint to wash them down with.

Shack’s signature Death Sauce is made with a blend of pure capsicum extracts and a selection of some of the hottest chillies in the world, all blended into one ridiculously hot sauce.

The chillies include the Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Scorpion and Scotch Bonnet, alongside the pure capsicum extracts. Shack’s Chef said that they use the same level of capsicum as pepper spray in the Death Sauce, making them great weapons as well as tasty wings.

If you don’t want the beers, you can get bottomless wings and gaming for just £15. The gaming takes place downstairs at Lost Weekend, which is the basement bar underneath Shack, and they’ve got everything from ping pong to pool and darts to keep you busy all night long! 

Sound good? Just book yourself into Shack by following the link below, and make sure you select the Bottomless Wings option!


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