The Breakout Manchester Hospitality Challenge

Manchester's Biggest Leaderboard is back, and we're opening it up to all the bars & restaurants in town...

By Alex Watson | 31 October 2019

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A few weeks ago we opened up Manchester’s Biggest Leaderboard to the city. I’m gonna be upfront and honest with you, 4 teams had a go. And STILL no one has beaten us.

What I’m taking from that, is that it’s me. I’m absolutely imperative to any team that wants to get out of a room at Breakout.

What I would like to do here, before we delve into how the teams got on, is give a shout out to the folks that work down at Breakout. Knowing how to get out, where people are going wrong and what they need to do next WITHOUT being able to help them is soul destroying.

It is so infuriating knowing and watching people just do things wrong. So this is a public service announcement to those guys who do that day in day out without ripping their hair out. Credit to you guys.

BAB & Pen and Pencil

First up having a go was our good pals at BAB and Pen & Pencil combined. Straight off the back, they did really well. Their team work was great and they were one of the only teams who didn’t fall out with each other. Despite their efforts, they didn’t get out. BUT they only had one box left so they did pretty damn well.



Quite possibly the most impressive feat of them all was the effort from eatMCR. With just 2 of the team able to make it on the day, the odds were against them from the off. But somehow, and I honestly have no idea HOW, eatMCR tied with BAB & P&P. Unfortunately they didn’t break out but managed to get as far as just one box remaining, I think it was some sort of wizardry.


RCNQ – void

The saddest story of all the teams was from RCNQ. With busy schedules and 2 minutes left of their room, RCNQ decided to give up and leave. It was a pretty good effort and they moved bloody fast when they first got in there but things plateaued and as with anyone prone to impatience or anger, it’s dead easy to give up in a Breakout room, especially with no idea how long you have left or what you’ve got to do. It was a good effort.


Crazy Pedro’s

A really good effort from the Crazy Pedro’s Bridge Street little 4-man team. Still, they didn’t get out and it got to the point where I was giving them clues. I felt a bit like what I can only describe as god-like. Having people in the palm of your hands like that. I wouldn’t recommend doing it too often. I really thought this was gonna be the team that beat us. Alas, they did not.


And there you have it. 4 teams tried (really hard too), but we still remain UNBEATEN. Think you’ve got what it takes? Get booked in to the Reclassified room now if you think you can beat us. 

Send us a picture of your team and your time to be in with the chance of winning a prize.


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