Escape Breakout EVERY TIME with our Top Tips

Brought to you again by Finest's resident Breakout aficionado, this is the ultimate guide to getting out. If you read this and don't break out, I'm sorry but there's no helping you.

By Alex Watson | 21 June 2019

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1. Choose Your Companions

Honestly, one of the best tips I can give anyone attempting a breakout room is to do it with people you actually like. If you can shout at them the better because you will get pretty riled up when that timer is ticking away and the pressure is on.

2. Get Going

As soon as you get in there, GET STARTED. Don’t dither about taking your coat off, 60 minutes goes so fast in this kind of heated environment, so move quick and get started.

3. Keep Your Eyes Peeled

SEARCH the room in its entirety as soon as you get in there! Don’t waste any time, pick up and move everything you can, root through every drawer and cupboard that isn’t locked and open every door that you can.

Notice what things need to be opened. Maybe if there’s a sneaky door locked behind a 4 digit lock – you at least know you need to be looking out for 4 numbers.

Just LOOK for things. It really isn’t hard and this is the best way to get started, it gets you excited and means you can find the most obvious clues. There’s usually some relatively obvious clues to begin with so if you find some, it kinda makes you feel like you’re actually getting somewhere, this way you don’t start arguing immediately.

4. Delegate

Once you’re on a roll, make sure you don’t all focus on doing the same thing. Spread out and delegate tasks. There’s nothing worse than wasting your time watching your mate trying to figure out a puzzle. If you can’t do that one yourself try doing something else instead, make yourself useful, you lemon!

This brings me to my next point, if you find something that you think might be useful, don’t bloody lose it! The last thing you want is to be blamed for wasting time. But if you decide that A KEY isn’t useful then that’s on you and your mates should shame you for time wasting.

5. Have a Clear Head

Breakout is a mental game guys, so don’t go pissed up. Like any other thing in your life where you use your head, work, driving, playing Breakout (all of equal importance) you need your brain in all its glory. So it might sound like a good start to your night but if you actually care about getting out – go sober!

Again, Breakout is a mental game so DON’T BREAK ANYTHING. You don’t need to be the hulk, you don’t need to be the macho man. You just need to be logical. But remember everyone’s brains work differently, so something you might see someone else will probably miss so swap around on puzzles if need be!

Don’t lose your head, stay calm – it’s just a game. But please, Breakout. It’s embarrassing when you don’t.

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