A look inside the New Coffee Shop that literally 'flips' into a Bar each night

'Over Under' is now opening up as an evening bar that will serve up cocktails and delicious bar bites.

By Alex Watson | Last updated 26 July 2019

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We popped in to see how the switch works exactly and just what we can expect from their new cocktail menu…

By day…

At 4:30pm the coffee shop closes and just an hour later it reopens as a bar. ‘The Flip’ takes place, walls spin, curtains come down, cupboards open and what was once a coffee counter becomes a full bar with spirits, shakers and plenty of bar stools.

Into the evening…

The space remains light and airy in the day but the personality changes in the evening with a darker, evening vibe. Perfect to relax in and chill out after work while the sun goes down enjoying a cocktail.

Behind the counter, the bar is fully stocked with plenty of choices on the cocktail menu. It would be rude not to sample a few…

Coffee Chocolate Negroni (£8.50). A chocolate and coffee twist on the classic. Aperol, Chocolate Bitters and coffee beans are added to the usual strong mix of 3 spirits. It’s strong, bitter and has an orange twist.

Espresso Martini (£8.50) Of course, Over Under had an espresso martini on the menu and we obviously had to give it a try. The smooth coffee they use means this espresso martini is dangerously easy to drink and doesn’t require too much added sugar to take the edge off.

Popcorn OG (£8.50) a popcorn infused take on the good classic Old Fashioned. The glass is filled with the aroma of popcorn so much so you think you’re in line at the cinema. There’s a sweetness from the toasted marshmallow and plenty of booze to knock your socks off.

Pineapple Sour (£8.50) A sweet and easy bev to sip on with plenty of fruity undertones this is the perfect after-work drink especially when the sun is shining. Trust me.

There’s plenty of other cocktails to choose from including Gin Ting, Cool Runnings and Milk Punch. There are also some delicious bar nibbles that will all be served up on a big opening bash on Friday 26th July from 6pm. Make sure you get down to see what the new kids on the block are bringing to Manchester!

For more information keep up to date on their Facebook page.

Over Under, 111 Deansgate, Manchester M3 2BQ.