FREE Online Fitness Bootcamp for Manchester

Including HIIT and 1-2-1 PT sessions - this personal trainer is keeping you fit in lockdown.

By Alex Watson | Last updated 16 April 2020

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As we’re cooped up inside, it’s never been more important for our wellbeing that we exercise! There I said it. I’m sorry.

It might not be what you want to hear right now, but getting your heart rate up given the fact we are not walking anywhere right now is seriously important.

A personal trainer based in Manchester, Simon Matejczuk has launched FREE online bootcamps to help keep you fit and moving during this time.

The live workouts are hosted on Zoom with new links being posted over his Instagram account each week.

There are FREE Thursday HIIT bootcamps and 1-1- online PT sessions available. Plus live Instagrams with different guests from nutritionists to physios and even motivational speakers.

Simon also shares the best free workouts available each week, which incorporates a range of exercises and cooperations with a heavy focus on independent businesses.