From Manchester to: Jupiter

It's time to travel more than 680 million miles with one click...

By Manchester's Finest | 19 May 2020

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As the largest planet in our solar system you’d think that we’d know loads and loads about Jupiter – but we don’t really.

It’s therefore been the aim of NASA’s recent Juno mission to understand the origin and evolution of the gas giant, look for a solid planetary core, map magnetic fields, measure water and ammonia in deep atmosphere and observe auroras.

Well this week has seen NASA release some absolutely stunning images of Jupiter, most noticeably of the planet’s tumultuous northern regions.

Taking the images during close flybys of the planet, Juno’s images are some of the most detailed ever – showing the planet’s signature atmospheric ‘swirls’ in all of their glory.

Being stuck indoors on lockdown you can explore the planet and it’s moons in detail never before experienced – it’s almost as if you’re there – except without having to buy an expensive spacesuit or having to sit on a spaceship for 6 years.

Check out more images, videos and more on the link below…

NASA Juno Mission