Get 30% OFF Dive NQ ALL year round...

It's a little bit of a secret so don't tell everyone.

By Manchester's Finest | 3 February 2020

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Think I just blew that didn’t I??

Dive NQ offered 50% OFF throughout January and it proved so popular they’re offering another 50% OFF for all of February.

So you can get over the predicted trashy weather and warm up with a few pints and some delicious Asian Street Food at Dive NQ. It also means the big hole you burnt in your wallet in January paying off Christmas is no longer an issue because you can now get sushi from £3.50!!

Honestly, you’d think that was enough because that is not only generous but bloody exciting. But we’ve actually found a way of getting a sneaky 30% OFF all year round.

AND – there’s NO catch!

No, I honestly promise you, there’s not.

30% off food all day, every day for the rest of the year with a Dive NQ membership card. AND all you have to do to get your paws on one? Sign up with your email address and dine at Dive in February.

Sounds too easy, doesn’t it? Promise that’s all you have to do though! And if you do, they’ll even give you 40% off throughout April too.

What a bloody generous bunch they are.



Extended 50% OFF 

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Where: Dive NQ,12 Tib St, Manchester M4 1SH
When: throughout February