Get Festive Wreath Making Kits at Home from the Northern Quarter's Flower Shop

It is time.

By Alex Watson | 17 November 2020

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Northern Flower

Only a matter of days ago did I convince my other half to let me put the Christmas decorations up this weekend. In that conversation, I said we should go all out and get a wreath which have previously seemed a bit pointless given that we live in a flat and only one other person would walk past our front door.

But everything’s gone tits up this year, so why not put a wreath up?

Then, as if Google is listening to me, I get a notification from Northern Flower to say they’ve created DIY Wreath Making Kits. Well, I’m sold.

Northern Flower

Each year, for special occasions, Northern Flower normally hosted masterclasses, from how to bunch together flowers to wreath making so this is the perfect switcharoo to get a taste of normality this year.

The kit, which will set you back £40, are available online to buy now and come with everything you need to make the ultimate door decoration this year.

Northern Flower

There are three different styles to choose from including Frozen which is full of icy blues and snowy whites.

There’s also Natural which is perfect if you like things a little more neutral and your flowers dried. And finally, Traditional which, of course, has plenty of reds, golds and greens.

Inside the kit, you’ll get a 12-inch wreath ring, moss, blue spruce, eucalyptus and pine foliage. There will also be pine cones and dried fruit to bulk out your wreath as well as the wire and stub wires to keep it all sturdy.

Northern Flower

There will also be additional fresh and dried bits and bobs, like Cotton Pods and Fresh Thistle in the Frozen Kit and Cinnamon Sticks and Festive Bauble in the Traditional Kit that you can add and full instructions complete with visuals. You can, of course, add whatever the heck you want to make your wreath fit your theme this year, maybe a face mask or a couple of bottles of hand sanitizer?

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