Grandad's Sausages: Coming to a Street Near You!

That's right - the best sausages in the land are now available for delivery!

By Manchester's Finest | March 27th '20

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The team over at Grandad's Sausages are a talented, lovely lot. Not only do they make quite possibly the best sausages in the land - but they're also a set of absolute legends - and great to have an early morning 3am pint with in a casino. With all of this lockdown malarkey going on, it would seem that you're destined to eat only rubbish frozen sausages from your local corner shop - well you're wrong, because the G-WAGON is coming out to play! So you can now get your Grandad's Sausages delivered directly to your house, and for every ten packs of their award-winning snags sold, they'll be donating one to the elderly and vulnerable people in the community. Minimum spend is £15 and it's FREE DELIVERY, so have a look below at what they've got, give them a ring and get the best sausages in Manchester straight to your door. I'll be getting mine this afternoon ready for a BBQ tomorrow... SAUSAGE DEALS - 36 for £13 - 6 for £3 - 96 Olde English Chipolatas for £15 FLAVOURS - Pork - Cumberland - Lincolnshire - Leek - Olde English - Chilli - Black Pudding OTHER PRODUCTS - Black Pudding Stick - £4 - Veggie Black Pudding Roll - £2 Thick-cut best back bacon - 2.27kg - Unsmoked (approx. 45 rashers) - £11 - Smoked (approx. 45 rashers) - £12 - Streaky (approx. 100 rashers) - £14 Get your orders in ASAP and call Grandad Mike on:

07749 538 160