Have you heard about the £1 coffee in the NQ?

Yep, one of those swanky coffee shops is now serving up £1 take away filter coffee EVERY MORNING. 

By Alex Watson | Last updated 30 September 2019

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Foundation on Lever Street, our lovely neighbours, brighten everybody’s day each morning with a simple gift that will make you smile.


Honestly, gone are the days you spend 7 quid in Starbucks as you stumble off the train. 

If you didn’t know, Foundation are possibly one of the top dogs in coffee. I mean their menu has so many different types of coffee I didn’t even know it was possible.

They literally have 21 different types of coffee and that doesn’t include chilled or specialities such as matcha. So when I say they know a thing or two about coffee, they really do.

So you’re absolutely guaranteed that even though its only a quid, it is definitely going to be DELICIOUS. 

The deal is available every morning from opening until 9am. Perfect for a pre-work caffeine fix. Get yours this week.


£1 Filter Coffee
at Foundation Coffee

Available: Monday – Friday
Time: 7am – 9am

Cost: £1 


Foundation, Lever Street, Manchester M1 1JB