The heart of the Northern Quarter is set to be pedestrianised

Thomas Street will be binning off all cars every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening.

By Ben Brown | 31 May 2019

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In true Partridge style it’s time we talked about the ‘hot topic’ and discussed the pedestrianisation of the Northern Quarter.

Rumblings have been going on for years about the whole issue, with not a year going by without someone proclaiming that Stevenson Square MUST be pedestrianised and that we should just ban all cars over the weekend like they do in Mexico City or Melbourne.


Well Manchester took its first tentative steps to achieving this as Thomas Street is set to become part-time pedestrianised – hopefully opening up the doors to similar initiatives elsewhere.

Bollards will be deployed on the street every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday from 8pm – 5.30am, stopping all cars and traffic from driving down what is undoubtedly the Northern Quarter’s busiest street.

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Home to the likes of Cane & Grain, The Bay Horse Tavern, Terrace and Wilderness in this car-exclusion zone it means you’ll be much safer as you come out of there in the early hours of the evening, and if it’s sunny – a much bigger beer garden out front! Result.

I’m told the bollards will be going up on Friday 14th June so make sure you are aware of them if you’re one of them weird people who like to drive around the city centre at night, playing tunes and driving really slowly.

The initiative will be reviewed in 18 months to see what the impact is and whether it should continue (or expand).

Oh and there’s also a bit of good news for fans of Stevenson Square’s pedestrianisation; Labour councillors have successfully lobbied for the pedestrianisation of the area – securing £11 million funds to carry out the project.