Get delicious organic veg direct to your door with Heritage at Home

Want to get healthy and enjoy cooking with restaurant-quality ingredients without even leaving the house?

By Tim Alderson | Last updated 2 August 2020

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Missing Manchester’s bars and restaurants has been tough, but trying to recreate the pub experience at home by keeping cupboards brimming with booze has taken its toll too. So if you’re looking to make up for a lockdown with no gyms but plenty of tins we might just have the answer.

Like many of us over the past few months the guys behind Heritage at Home found themselves spending plenty of time in the kitchen, but quickly realised they were craving restaurant-quality produce to cook and create with. The idea to source top-notch, incredible-tasting organic veg and deliver it the city’s doorsteps was formed.

It’s clear the husband and wife team share a genuine passion for fantastic food. Simon, who has been in the restaurant trade for over twenty years explains;

“I spent hours and hours as a young man helping unload, and load fresh produce to fridges. I witnessed chefs painstakingly inspect, caress, and smell the ingredients before cooking, like craftsmen choosing their tools.”

“It was very romantic. As a keen home chef, I’ve always loved quality ingredients but had no idea of the uplift in flavour, organics would add. The ethics and sustainability of organic farming are of paramount importance to Heritage at Home. Furthermore, with my love for kitchen, it’s all about the flavour!”

Halimah continues “One thing we are very passionate about at Heritage at Home is the education and introduction of products to our customers. We are committed to sourcing specialist products, from Orange Queen Tomatoes to Purple Sweet Potatoes, that you simply cannot buy in the supermarkets.”

I can certainly vouch for the quality and flavour having devoured an amazing veg box last week with purple mange tout, golden beetroot and incredible heritage tomatoes.

The boxes are delivered at the beginning of each week and come in three different sizes:

Small for 1-2 people – £15
Medium for 2-4 people – £22
Large for 4-5 people – £30

Organic, free-range, locally sourced eggs are also available too and there will be dairy options added in the coming months. So if you’d like to get some beautiful, super-healthy food in your life without even having to get off the sofa, give Heritage at Home a try!
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